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New survey finds ingredients that trigger Rosacea

  A new survey identifies the most common culprits that  trigger rosacea flare ups. The survey of just over 1,000 rosacea patients carried out by the National Rosacea Society identified several types of skin-care products and ingredients that often trigger rosacea flare ups. The biggest offender for women was toners, used to tone skin before […]

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Waste product from paper is new natural SPF

A natural waste product produced during the paper making process could be an effective new natural SPF for skin according to new research. Plant products used to make paper produce a waste substance during the paper-making process is called lignin. It’s lignin that has been found to have highly effective sun protection properties for skin […]

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New SPF that allows vitamin D production in skin

    We all know we should wear sun cream in order to protect our skin from the sun. Yet a growing concern about always wearing SPF creams is that our production of vitamin D is reduced. Until now all high factor sun creams also block the production of vitamin D in the skin. An […]

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Natural cure for acne found in apple tree bark

  The race is on to find an effective but natural cure for acne, which has become the most common skin complaint among adult women, with over 40% experiencing acne at some point. A new study has found that a natural plant flavonoid found in the bark of apple trees could be an effective natural […]

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Brazilian fruit peel can get rid of cellulite

  Brazilian women are famed for their pert and smooth bottoms and a fruit from their homeland could be the answer to the dreaded dimpled effect of cellulite. The peel of a common fruit found growing in central and Western Brazil, called pequi fruit, can help reduce the appearance of cellulite according to a new […]

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Muscat grapes can reduce rosacea

The black grapes used traditionally to make Muscat wine have been found in new research to help reduce the redness and spots associated with acne rosacea. A topical cream for the face made with a 2% extract of Muscat grapes was found not only to decrease redness of the skin due to the strong antioxidant […]

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Scientist invents first tattoo removal cream

How to remove a tattoo is a big problem with few easy solutions, until now. A scientist from Halifax University is convinced he has developed a topical cream that removes tattoos without any pain and without leaving any scarring. Current tattoo removal results in both as lasers are used to literally burn the tattoo out. […]

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