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Even sneezing triggered my rosacea


Rosacea sufferer Karen White, 38, is an accounts manager and single mum from Stourbridge West Midlands

media-stripKaren says:

“Just over a year ago my face started to become very red and inflamed. It got so bad that at one stage it looked like I had burned myself. It went across my cheeks and nose and across my forehead and into my hairline. It felt like my face had been dipped in boiling water.

I went to my doctors and he gave me a medicated facial wash as he thought it was some sort of allergic reaction. The facial wash actually made my skin even redder so I stopped using it. I tried several other creams, including E45 cream so try and sooth my skin, but everything I tried just made my skin even more furious.

I went back to my GP and he told me that I might have developed rosacea and that there was nothing really that could be done about it.

[quote]I felt so depressed that one time I actually broke down in tears at work as my skin looked so dreadful and there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it.[/quote]

Not only did my skin look frightful but it was painful too, it always felt sore and inflamed and it was very itchy. I tried covering it wit make up but it would end up blotchy and the redness would soon start showing and I’d look like a clown.

For a while I was in a cloud of depression about my skin and started cancelling going out with friends and some days, when it was really bad, I found it hard to muster the courage to even leave the house. The redness was so severe people would stare at me. People would ask me if I was OK as my skin looked so sore. My face was going red even when I coughed or sneezed.

My mother and my colleague at work both saw an article in a magazine about a new treatment for rosacea at the same time and both told me about it. I felt it was too much of a coincidence that they has both said the same thing so I looked it up on the internet and ordered some. I was prepared to try just about anything once.

Within 20 minutes of using the Kalme cream on my skin, my skin started to feel calmer and less furious. Within a week my skin was half as red as it had been. Within two weeks my skin was almost back to normal.

That was last summer and I haven’t used anything else since, it has been a blessing.

[quote]Most days now I now don’t even have to wear make up to work as my skin is so much improved.[/quote]

I’m hoping this summer I will actually be able to go to a few summer parties without having to flee the party because my face has turned beetroot red.”

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