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Natural cure for acne found in apple tree bark

  The race is on to find an effective but natural cure for acne, which has become the most common skin complaint among adult women, with over 40% experiencing acne at some point. A new study has found that a natural plant flavonoid found in the bark of apple trees could be an effective natural […]

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Brazilian fruit peel can get rid of cellulite

  Brazilian women are famed for their pert and smooth bottoms and a fruit from their homeland could be the answer to the dreaded dimpled effect of cellulite. The peel of a common fruit found growing in central and Western Brazil, called pequi fruit, can help reduce the appearance of cellulite according to a new […]

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Do you have flecks complex from dandruff?

  A new survey by the British Skin Foundation has found that dandruff, which effects roughly fifty percent of the population at some point in their lives, can cause psychological distress, lower self-esteem and reduce quality of life. Of the 400 people surveyed, one in five had been bullied about their dandruff and one in […]

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Bug Balm – relief for all bug bites!

  The summer weather brings out all manner of bugs that bite. Some hurt more than others but most itch infernally and leave unsightly red bumps on the skin for days if not weeks. Our NEW Bug Balm helps soothe and reduce all swelling and irritation from pesky bug bites. Bug Balm is a 100% natural skin balm […]

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A caterpillar rash almost ruined my skin

  Bruno Cardoso, 31, from London experienced a severe and painful skin reaction from a Caterpillar crawling on his skin while on holiday in Spain and nothing would calm it down until he tried Bug Balm. Bruno says;“I have never really suffered much from any allergies but after giving up smoking four years ago I […]

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Conceal Dry irritated and itchy eyes with new Dry Eye Concealer

  Concealing while not further inflaming dry and irritated skin around the eyes is a problem, but a solution is now at hand in the form of new Dry Eye Concealer Eczema, dermatitis and irritation around the eyes is very common and is often triggered by contact allergies from cosmetics, contact lens solution,  chlorine in […]

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Muscat grapes can reduce rosacea

The black grapes used traditionally to make Muscat wine have been found in new research to help reduce the redness and spots associated with acne rosacea. A topical cream for the face made with a 2% extract of Muscat grapes was found not only to decrease redness of the skin due to the strong antioxidant […]

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Scientist invents first tattoo removal cream

How to remove a tattoo is a big problem with few easy solutions, until now. A scientist from Halifax University is convinced he has developed a topical cream that removes tattoos without any pain and without leaving any scarring. Current tattoo removal results in both as lasers are used to literally burn the tattoo out. […]

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Liquorice Extract helps protect skin from UV damage

Liquorice extract (glycyrrhizic acid GA) has been found in a new study to help protect the skin again UV damage by triggering the production of protective molecules in the skin that protect it from the sun. The new study, carried out at Bierersdorf AG, Hamberg in Germany and published in the February edition of the journal […]

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