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Would my rosacea ruin my wedding day?


 Amy Peters, 29, is a clinical researcher from Brighton and is married Darren, 30, a cancer research scientist.  Amy has suffered from rosacea since her early 20’s. 

Amy says:

” Obviously like any bride to be I was nervous about my wedding day, but the thing I was most concerned about was my skin.

I have really bad rosacea, which means at the slightest hint of stress, sun, alcohol or spicy or rich food my face goes tomato red and I break out in hideous crops of small spots all over my cheeks and nose.

My wedding was likely to have all four of these triggers and until a few months ago I was in a total panic about my skin and how it would react on my wedding day. I imagined how hideous I would look in my wedding photos and in front of all my fiancés family and friends with my face bright red and covered in spots like brail. Even the thickest make up can’t hide my awful skin when I get a bad flare up, it just makes it look worse. I wanted to look natural on my wedding day, not plastered in layers of make up.

[quote]I am relatively young to have rosacea, I began to get quite bad symptoms by the time I was 27. Usually women don’t get visible symptoms until their 40’s. No one in my family has it, so I don’t know why I am the only one who has it but it has plagued most me for most of my 20’s.[/quote]

I have always been a really easy blusher, which is apparently one of the first signs of rosacea.  But in my early 20’s the redness from my blushing would always go afterwards. I only noticed that it was worse after getting my new job. Maybe it was the additional stress of a demanding job, or just my increasing age. I don’t really know, all I do know is that my skin started getting more permanently red and I’d frequently get crops of horrible little spots across my cheeks and nose like a rash.

It was only last year that I realised the sun was a major problem for my skin. I love sunbathing and beach holidays but two years ago my holiday was ruined by the fact that my skin was flushed florescent red and I hade really bad spots. I came back and went straight to see a dermatologist where I was diagnosed with rosacea and told that I needed permanent protection of the face from sun or preferably not to go in the sun at all.

You can imagine that as a sun lover and beach holiday enthusiast in my mid 20’s this came as something of an unpleasant shock, to be told I should simply stay out of the sun at all times.

[quote]Over the last two years I have become increasingly depressed about the state of my skin as nothing ever seems to clear it up and the flare ups were getting worse and more frequent to the point about a year ago when I was almost permanently red with spots. Until very recently I refused to step out of the house without full make up on because I was so self-conscious about my skin.[/quote]

Luckily I met Darren eight years ago, which was before my rosacea got bad. Even when we met though I was often red faced and rosy cheeked, Darren just thought it was high spirits.

Darren has been very supportive and encouraged me to seek treatments and change my diet. However my skin massively effected my confidence when we went out. Darren looked up a lot of information on Google on how I could try and improve my symptoms, I even bought Chinese herbs after we researched a few that claimed to work, they didn’t. I am so glad I had Darren already before I got rosacea as it would be awful to have to go through the stages of dating with skin like mine. I feel very sorry for rosacea sufferers who are on the dating scene, it must be a nightmare.

I was diagnosed by my GP and a dermatologist with rosacea. As I was so young they tested me for lupus as that can give you a red rash on your face but that test came back negative and then they diagnosed rosacea.

I was given antibiotics both oral and topical, neither worked. I also tried an omega 3 oil that was supposed to be good for your skin that you drink, which didn’t work. I also tried just about every skin cleanser for sensitive skin on the market.

[quote]Six months ago my mum saw something on the This Morning programme about a new treatment for rosacea.[/quote] She gave me the website and I contacted the company. As it happened they were running a trial on the products and were looking for volunteers. Both Darren and I work in the field of medical research and trials and so I was not at all intimidated by being on a trial in fact I was quite impressed that they were running such a large trial on the products.

I have been using KALME rosacea products now for six months and skin is the best it has been on over two years. I was amazed by the improvement. It took about two months to really start noticing a difference but once the improvements began it just got better and better each week. I religiously use the cleaners every night to remove any make up and I use the SPF day cream and night cream every day. I also use the KALME Undercoat under the SPF Day Cream to help reduce my skin’s sensitivity to the sun and any cosmetics I wear. If I know I am going to be outside like at the weekends I use an SPF50 sun cream and I also put the KALME Undercoat on under this sun cream to help prevent any reactions to the strong factor.

My skin now is wonderfully smooth and the redness is barely noticeable. My silent prayers for my wedding day and for my two week honeymoon to Kenya and Zanzibar were answered. My skin stayed calm and clear throughout my big day and when I saw the photos of myself I almost cried as for once I was looking fresh faced and pretty. Through out my wedding day it was constantly on my mind that my skin may flare up. Luckily my skin saved my blushes of my big day  and I put it all down to my KALME products that I was able to look my best on the most important day of my life.”


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    Hi .. good read, so pleased you’ve found something that has helped you, I’ll try these products. Thanks .. lets hope the cures here soon.

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