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£1.50 nut oil that maintains million dollar hands


They say that it’s your hands that give away your real age, so its no wonder that women spend a fortune on hand creams in the hope of evading dry, cracked or freckled hands.

[quote]However Gemma Howorth, one of the world’s most successful hand models, has found the secret to maintaining beautiful looking hands lies in a simple £1.50 bottle of almond oil.[/quote]

Emma’s hands are insured for a staggering £5 million. Her hands have featured in many well know adverts on TV. They have even been superimposed on images of Kate Moss and Lilly Cole.

Emma claims she is very careful with her hands and does not expose them to cleaning products or sun.

But forget expensive creams and serums,  Emma’s secret weapon is almond oil, which she claims is the best treatment she has ever used for nourishing the skin on her hands and stopping them becoming dry.

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