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6 ways you could be committing ‘skin sins’ and causing dry skin without knowing it


New research has revealed that the average woman looks five years older than she really is due to dry skin, premature wrinkles and lack luster complexions.

However the reasons for our ‘older skin’ may not be as obvious as you may think.

[quote] There are the typical ‘skin sins’ that we all know contribute towards older and drier looking skin, including smoking, sun beds and sunbathing, drinking and lack of sleep.[/quote]

Yet there are some ‘skin sins’ you may be committing every day without even knowing just by going about your everyday business such as washing, driving, working and even exercising, which may be adding to your skin looking older and drier than it should do.

Skin Sin – Washing your face with water

waterIt may sound strange, but if you have very sensitive or dry skin, cleaning your skin too often with water may make existing skin conditions worse.

Many people with skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema often admit to washing their faces several times a day in order to try and help their skin stay clean and fresh.

[quote]However if you are suffering from very sensitive skin, skin prone to redness and rosacea or very dry skin, washing your face twice daily with warm water can actually make your skin worse rather than better.[/quote]

Water evaporates on the skin, making it dry out quickly, meaning that skin prone to eczema or excessive dryness will suffer.

In addition any sudden temperature changes, especially cold to warm as when using warm water during winter time when the air outside is cold, can cause skin to flare or react. In addition warming the face will also increase circulation to the surface of the skin, which for a condition such as rosacea, will make the skin redder and more inflamed.

Water is also, believe it or not, quite a caustic substance, making it fairly abrasive to sensitive skin.

If you have very sensitive or dry skin, and especially if you have skin prone to redness and rosacea, you should practice water-free cleansing to help protect and preserve your skin as much as possible.

KALME Cream Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that has been dermatologically tested for use on very sensitive skin. It contains a 24-hour moisturising ingredient to keep skin hydrated and supple as well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to address any underlying skin inflammation (including spots). The new KALME cleanser also contains an anti-redness ingredient to reduce redness and flushing and an anti-bacterial ingredient to combat any dirt or bacteria which may be lying on the surface of the skin.

It’s important to keep the surface of sensitive skin as clean as possible, so the cleanser should be applied gently with a clean cotton wool pad and dirt wiped away in small circular motions, concentrating on the higher cheeks, nose and t zone between the eyes most of all.

Skin Sin – Crumpled pillow

pillowWe  are all told that beauty sleep is the key to youthful skin however the type of pillow you sleep on migt actually age your skin more according to research

Crumpled pillow cases made from cheap stiff materials  or synthetic pillow cases with ‘bobbles’ on them from age can cause semi permanent creases across the face.

[quote]The skin is often drier on the side of the face we sleep on if the pillow cases are not made of natural fibers as the face sweats more with synthetic covers and so more moisture is lost on the side that rests on the pillow.[/quote]

In addition rough material pillow can damage the underlying tissue on the face making muscles slightly droopier on the side that usually faces the pillow.

Silk or pure cotton pillow cases with weaves of silk in them can dramatically improve both the appearance of wrinkles and minimise damage to the skin’s tissue on a face as well as retain the moisture content of the skin better.

Skin Sin – Mild allergies to everyday skincare & haircare products

creamSkin allergies to cosmetics and skincare products are on the rise as our skin’s become intolerant to the increasing amount of chemicals we put on our skin’s every day in the name of beauty. Inflammation of the skin due to allergy is the quickest way to age skin. So although you may think you are doing your skin good, if you are having mild skin reactions to your every day skin care products you may be making your skin drier and older.

However many people do not realise they are having ski allergies to their beauty products and mistake the skin reaction for a ‘healthy glow’. In fact temporarily the skin can appear less lined and healthier after a mild skin reaction as it swells slightly and so irons out fine lines.

But frequent skin reactions age the skin faster and help to weaken the skin barrier allowing more moisture loss leading to dry and flaky skin.

[quote]If you feel any ‘warm glow’ after using a beauty product or cosmetic then you are probably having a mild reaction to it. Also watch out for reactions to shampoos which although are applied to your hair, may run over your face and cause mild skin reactions.[/quote]

Try Skin Shop’s KALME Undercoat which is effectively an ‘armour’ base coat for sensitive skin and contains the tetrapeptide Skinasensyl, which has been dermatologically tested* to reduce the nerve response to external irritants by decreasing the release of pro-inflammatory neuromediators in the skin. KALME Undercoat, which is fre from SLS, parabens and fragrance,  can be applied as a daily moisturiser fro sensitive skin or as an ‘undercoat’ before other products and sun creams to help de-sensitise skin.

Skin Sin – Having a desk job

deskYou might not think that physically working at your desk can age your skin, apart from the stress, but cosmetic surgeons are reporting a rise in the number of women developing premature creases around their eyes and forehead from squinting at computer screens.

And working on laptops on our knees at home is also causing premature ageing to our skin. Looking downward the whole time mean that the neck muscles become shortened at the front, the skin sags and you develop jowls and deeper set wrinkles.

Skin Sin – Swimming

swimmingGoing swimming regularly is a method many people use to stay fit, but it can seriously age your skin.

Chlorine strips the skin of sebum, its natural oil, leaving it dehydrated and flaky.

[quote]Once the skin is flaky the skin barrier is weakened making it easier for bacteria to get in as well as being a trigger for eczema and dermatitis.[/quote]

Skin Sin – Driving

drivingIf you spend a lot of time driving you may be unknowingly damaging your skin as UV damage to skin can still happen even through a glass window. Older cars do not have UV filters in their windscreens at all, and although modern cars do have UV filters in the windscreens, most car side windows do not.

If you are in the car a a lot you should wear an SPF factor of at least 20 every day.



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