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A bang on a cooking pan revealed I had arthritis!


Maureen Rae, 58, is a retired school secretary from Oxon in Oxfordshire who suffers from arthritis in her hands.

Maureen says;

“I first started getting arthritis about eight years ago. I had been out gardening and I came in and my knuckle was swollen. I thought I had been bitten by an insect. I was cooking that evening at an evening class and I banged it on a pan and I was in total agony. I thought I had broken it and so I went to hospital to get it x rayed. They told me I had arthritis. I was horrified as I was quite young at the time but I wasn’t that surprised as my mother got arthritis quite young too.

I was simply told that there was not a lot they could do for me and that it was just part of getting old. I was told to take anti-inflammatory painkillers when my hands hurt.

[quote]My hands hurt every day and I was in my 50’s. There was no way I was going to take drugs every day for the rest of my life.[/quote]

My mother takes so many pain killers a day its frightening, but she is 90. But I didn’t want to start that at my age. I felt it would be a route to other problems like stomach pain and things like that.

I tried to live with the pain for a while but at night in particular it was agony and I had problems sleeping. My husband said we couldn’t go on like this with me not sleeping and that we’d have to find some sort of solution.

It was around that time that we were reading the Daily Mail and saw article about someone’s mother who had tried this new natural anti-inflammatory spice cream called Boswellia & Commiphora for her arthritis. I was intrigued as I have done an aromatherapy evening class so I am aware of how natural products can be very effective for some health conditions so I looked it up on the internet. I found lots of information on it and it seem pretty convincing and the cream was not expensive so I ordered some as I thought ‘what could the harm be, anything is worth a try.” It was natural, which I liked, so I though at the very least it would probably be a nice cream to use on my hands if nothing else.

[quote]To my amazement within a few days I felt an ease in the pain in my fingers. It was particularly great at night as my hands get very swollen. After a few weeks of using the spice cream my hands were hugely improved, I was hardly feeling any pain at night and I was able to sleep soundly again for the first time in about a year.[/quote]

It was the speed in which the cream worked that amazed me. I have taken pain killers when the pain is too bad to bare and the cream worked faster and more effectively than any pill I have taken. Within 20 minutes to half an hour the pain has eased, it’s wonderful.

I have since leant several tubes of it to neighbours and within a week I have had a visit from them to say thank you and they had ordered some themselves as it was so effective. I have lost count how many times I have recommended this to friends and family with arthritis and so many times they come back to me to say how well the cream has worked for them.

My arthritis fluctuates with weather conditions. It’s particularly bad in the Spring when the weather changes from being very wet to drier weather.

I have just been up to Scotland with my son and my grandchildren and when I got back from there last week and with Spring starting my arthritis was really painful but I had my cream with me and as soon as the pain started coming I smothered my hands with it three times a day and I’ve been able to get on with the gardening without much pain at all. It really is my little miracle.”

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