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A natural steroid from plant extracts has been found as effective as steroids for eczema?


A natural steroid isolated from the Cardiospermum plant could be more effective than steroids.

A New plant steroid discovered in Cardiospermum extract could be more effective than traditional steroids

Defensil, a natural skincare treatment has been found by Swiss scientists to help reduce symptoms associated with very dry skin and eczema better than hydrocortisone creams.

Defensil combines two key natural ingredients. A concentrated extract from Cardiospermum seed and cold pressed Echium Oil. When mixed together they have been shown to improve the skin barrier. Furthermore, they act effectively against the itching caused by very dry skin and eczema.

The anti-itching effects of Defensil are due to the presence of a natural steroids called phytosteroles. These natural steroids are found in the Cardiospermum seed extract. These natural steroids help reduce the intense itching caused by eczema and very dry sensitive skin. Two independent clinical trials have been carried out on Defensil in Switzerland against hydrocortisone creams.  Defensil compared favourably against 0.1% hydrocortisone creams (which is the standard strength treatment offered to most eczema sufferers) at both reducing itchiness and redness. The natural steroid in Defensil decreased skin sensitivity by almost 50% and skin redness by 35% just 15 minutes after application.

Cardiospermum is a commonly used herb for skin problems from Ski Lanka. Its botanical name is Cardiospermum halicacabum, but is locally known as balloon vine. It is found aplenty in markets and growing in many a home garden. This small and delicate wiry climber’s main medicinal powers lie mostly in its leaves. They have been used for hundreds of years in Sri Lanka as a poultice for skin diseases, especially eczema and dermatitis.

In addition Stearidonic acid, which is found in very high concentrations (12%) in Echium Oil, has been found in trials to efficiently inhibit the 5- Lipoxigenase enzyme which is the inflammatory mechanism which causes eczema flare ups.

A UK consumer trial overseen by a UK doctor on Defensil on 25 testers indicated that Defensil reduced itchiness, dryness and skin sensitivity caused by eczema better or as well as prescribed treatments, while being nicer to use and less worrying in terms of negative side effects attributed to regular use of steroid creams.

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