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Amy was never without a mouth ulcer until tree gum helped her


Amy would get 10 or 15 ulcers at a time. She thought she would never be free of them until she found a unique tree gum from Greece which stopped them coming back.

BY Amy Scott 3 July, 2007

Amy Scott, 25,  is a single IT analyst from London.Amy says: “I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember.  I think I have always had them.  My earliest memories are at primary school where I often had to come home from school as I was in so much discomfort.  My mum frequently had to call up to let school know that I couldn’t make it in as I was suffering do badly.”

“I literally get up to 10 or 15 ulcers in my mouth at one time.  My whole mouth is covered and my mouth dries up and get all sticky.  I can’t sleep.  It gets so bad that I cant eat or drink and can not even talk.  It has driven me to tears and it really is so depressing as they are horrible.”

“I don’t want to socialise or go out and see anyone.  The thought of going out for a nice glass of wine was just the worse thing imaginable.”

“My ulcers are so bad and everyone knows my plight.  So when one of my colleagues an advert in a newspaper for a trial on a new remedy for mastic gum she brought in the cutting and showed it to me.  By this point in my life I had tried every product under the sun. My doctor had run out of suggestions.  I had tried Bonjella, Difflam spray, tablets, Corsodyl and steroids.  I was desperately looking for something effective as I was suffering 3 outbreaks a month.”

“I was happy to see that mastic was a natural product.  After trying all sorts of chemicals that had no effect I was keen to steer away from the unfriendly chemical treatments.  I eat organic food and am aware of the potential side effects of chemicals.  I was not worried about trying mastic.”

“Mastic gum is by far the best remedy I have ever tried.  I would never be without it, I use it religiously.  I have been using mastic since January and have only had 2 outbreaks since then. It really is amazing.  I have never had a period in my life so ulcer free.  With these two outbreaks I have only had one ulcer each time.  The number of outbreaks and the severity of them has hugely decreased.”

“I am so glad that my colleague read that advert in the paper or I would still be suffering horrendous outbreaks three times a month.  I would recommend anyone to try it as it really is a miracle.”

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