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Anti Ageing Supplements


Question: There seems to be a lot in the news recently about supplements that can halt the ageing process. Are there any in particular that you would recommend?

17 September, 2008 – 11:25

Answer: Two of the latest anti-ageing supplements to hit the headlines are Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, two naturally occurring substances found in the body’s cells.

Bothare powerful antioxidants, which means they help to prevent dangerous particles called free radicals from causing microscopic destruction of the body’s tissues.

Overtime this type of oxidative damage can cause premature wrinkles, low energy and fertility levels, early senility and memory loss.

However, ground breaking research carried out at the University of California hasdiscovered that when used together, these two antioxidants are able to slow down the ageing process by up to 40 per cent.

Scientists found that Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid have a rejuvenating effect, improving memory and helping the energy-generating part of the cells to function more effectively.

This means that a combination of the two supplements could help us to remain mentally and physically younger for longer.

So, how do we prepare this antioxidant cocktail?

Ironically,neither ingredient is a stranger to our high streets.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been used for years to help combat low energy levels and heart disease and Alpha-Lipoic Acid is popular for its anti-ageing properties.

However, for optimum results these supplements do need to be taken together and on aregular basis.

Research shows that Bio-Carnitine and Bio-Lipoic Acid capsules from Pharma Nord are particularly effective, as they contain a form of L-Carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid very similar to that produced by the body. They are also easily absorbed.

Two capsules per day of each are recommended for general well being, which is the equivalent of 500mg of Bio-Carnitine and 100mg of Bio-Lipoic Acid.

Possibly the healthiest cocktail you’ll ever have!


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