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Are your cleansing culprits causing bad skin?


cleanse 3Cleansing is supposed to be the key to good skin. We are all told to do it religiously if we want to keep skin younger looking and healthy. But the way you cleanse and what you cleanse with could actually be giving you bad skin as well as prematurely ageing you.

Here is our guide to the 3 worst Cleansing Culprits;

1. Cleansing Wipes

wipesThe number one cleansing culprit is cleansing wipes. They may be simple, cheap and quick to use but they can cause everything from eczema to spots as well as bringing on premature wrinkles, skin sagging and dry skin.

What worse is that cleansing wipes don’t really actually clean your skin.

Experts warn that cleansing wipes don’t effectively cleanse skin and, instead, they smear dirt and make-up across it.

Due to the permanent ‘wetness’ of cleansing wipes they need to contain high levels of preservatives to keen them hygienic when being stored.

These preservatives are the most common trigger for allergic skin reactions, so if you have very sensitive skin your are at a much higher risk from an allergic skin reaction of you regularly use cleansing wipes.

The actual physical act of wiping the skin with a wipes can also cause damage and abrasion that will age skin more quickly.

Using cleansing wipes to remove eye make, often means having scrub at the skin around the delicate eye area, which due to the abrasive synthetic material of the wipe often causes damage to the skin around the eye and may lead to sagging.

The cleansing fluid that wipes are soaked in contains surfactants, which are detergent-like chemicals. If the surfactants then get into the micro abrasions from the scrubbing actions around the eyes, they will get under the skin and irritate it and can leave skin looking red and sore.

[quote]Tip: If you must use a cleansing wipe for eye make removal, leave the wipes sitting over the eye for 10 seconds, then blot or dab the make up off rather than dragging the wipes across the skin.[/quote]

Cleansing wipes also contain alcohol, so if you are already prone to dry skin or have eczema or rosacea, cleansing wipes will dry your skin out ever more.

[quote] Tip: you can find cleansing wipes that don’t contain alcohol so if you have a dry skin condition look for wipes that say they don’t contain alcohol.[/quote]

If you suffer from acne, cleansing wipes can end up spreading more bacteria around your face and giving you more spots, rather than helping your skin. In addition if you are using cheap cleaning wipes the emulsifying ingredients in the wipes which is what keeps them ‘wet’ may further clog skin pores of very greasy skin, leading to more spots.

[quote] Tip: look for wipes that contain salicylic acid if you have acne.[/quote]

2. Removing good skin bacteria

It’s not well know that skin, like the gut, contains both good and bad skin bacteria. The skin needs good skin bacteria to stay healthy, strong and balanced and to keep the skin barrier protection layer in tact.

10260-mMany cleansing products contains harsh detergents and anti-bacterial agents (basically bleach) that, while effectively killing bad skin bacteria that can lead to spots and inflammation, they also strip the skin of all good skin bacteria.

Regularly reducing or removing good skin bacteria from the surface of your skin via a daily cleansing and/or exfoliating routine leaves skin drier, weaker and causes premature ageing. Lack of good skin bacteria allows bad skin bacteria to take hold and multiply on the skin’s surface which leads to spots as the bad bacteria easily gets into weakened areas of skin from blocked pores, causing puss and inflammation.

[quote]So the key to effective cleansing is to preserve and nourish good skin bacteria as part of your cleansing routine.[/quote]

Skincare products are now being developed which are literally ‘food’ for the good bacteria on the skin to help it flourish and multiply to counter-act the daily use of cosmetics and cleansing products that strip the skin of good skin bacteria.

Skin Shop’s Silver Serum is one such ‘food’ product for skin. It contains a special colloidal silver ingredient that promotes good skin bacteria by feeding it what it needs to grown. Silver Serum is also very clever as the same ingredient that feeds the good skin bacteria is repellent for bad skin bacteria. The over all result is a growth of good skin bacteria and a reduction in bad skin bacteria, leaving the skin balanced and stronger as well as reducing spots and blackheads.

3. Cleansing with water

It may sound strange, but if you have very sensitive skin, cleaning your skin too often with water may make existing skin conditions worse.

cleasning 2Many people with skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema often admit to washing their faces several times a day in order to try and help their skin stay clean and fresh.

However if you are suffering from very sensitive skin, skin prone to redness and rosacea or dry skin, washing your face twice daily with warm water can actually make your skin worse rather than better.

Why is water troublesome for sensitive skin?

Water evaporates on the skin, making it dry out quickly, meaning that skin prone to eczema or excessive dryness will suffer.

In addition any sudden temperature changes, especially cold to warm as when using warm water during winter time when the air outside is cold, can cause skin to flare or react. In addition warming the face will also increase circulation to the surface of the skin, which for a condition such as rosacea, will make the skin redder and more inflamed.

Water is also, believe it or not, quite a caustic substance, making it fairly abrasive to sensitive skin.

cleansing 1If you are splashing water on your face, your fingers come into direct contact with you skin, which may spread dirt or bacteria onto the face from hands or nails.

If you have very sensitive or dry skin, and especially if you have skin prone to rosacea, you should practice water-free cleansing to help protect and preserve your skin as much as possible.

Cleansing without water and with moisturising agents is the key to keeping skin clean but balanced.  Many Asian beauty regimes believe in cleansing the skin with actual oil, although this can cause problems for skin prone to spots or very oily skin. However  water-free cleansing products with moisturising ingredients in them will help sensitive skin stay hydrated and avoid skin flare ups.

Skin Shop’s KALME Water-Free Cream Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that has been dermatologically tested for use on very sensitive skin.  It contains a 24-hour moisturising ingredient to keep skin hydrated and supple as well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to address any underlying skin inflammation (including spots). The KALME Water-Free cleanser also contains an anti-redness ingredient to reduce redness and flushing.

[quote]Tip: It’s important to keep the surface of sensitive skin as clean as possible, so the cleanser should be applied gently with a clean cotton wool pad and dirt wiped away in small circular motions, concentrating on the higher cheeks, nose and t zone between the eyes most of all.[/quote]


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