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Beauty Blend for Better Skin


The new buzz product glowing skin being whispered about by A listers and models is not a cream or a salon treatment, it’s a simple sachet of dried food ingredients that can be added to water or smoothies.

Bodyism’s Beauty Food is a food supplement crammed full of berries, marine collagen peptides, mushrooms and alkalizing greens that you can add to a glass of water or blend into a smoothie or yoghurt and is, the makers claim, a simple and hassle-free shortcut to better skin from within.

Devised by celebrity fitness trainers, James Duigan, the new Beauty Food sachets can help make skin look better and younger.

But it’s not beauty on the cheap. However despite the eye-watering price tag for a sachet of this wonder drink, the product is currently sold out due to high demand!

Available from storeuk.bodyism.com





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