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Botox can ease the pain of arthritis with no side effects


If you thought Botox was for wrinkles, think again as new research finds it can ease the pain of arthritis with no side effects.

botoxThe new research, carried out at Sheffield University, has found that a single injection of a new molecule that has the same origins as Botox could ease the pain of arthritis for several months with non of usual negative side effects of current painkillers prescribed for arthritis.

The new molecule, also made from botulinum like Botox combined with a poison produced by the tetanus bug, has a numbing effect on the nerve cells surrounding arthritis joints but does not freeze the muscles as with facial Botox for wrinkles. In unison with the botulinum the tetanus toxin carries the pain-reliever to the spinal cord, where it stops pain signals being sent to the brain.

[quote]Due to the fact the new molecule does not paralyse the muscles, the new Botox super jab can be injected to any site in the body where arthritic pain is present.[/quote]

Current pain killers for arthritis known as Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) only have a temporary effect on pain, need to be taken in regular doses and often have unpleasant side effects like stomach upset, nausea and dizziness as wel as more serious ones such as raising the risk of heart attack.



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