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Breaking up can be good for problem skin


Breaking up may be hard on the heart, but it can actually be good for sensitive and problem skin.

brokwn heartThere are several things about relationships that are bad for problem skin and can lead to skin break outs and flare ups and make sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea worse, as well as trigger acne breaks outs and cold sores.

We wear more make up in a relationship

A new study by high street store Superdrug shows that a third of women in a relationship would not let their boyfriend see them without a full face of make up.

A study of 2,000 women showed they felt less attractive, less confident and more vulnerable without a full face of make-up.

make up [quote]And the average woman waits at least four weeks before EVER letting her boyfriend see her without make up.[/quote]

In relationships women wear more make up at home and even wear it to bed, which can lead to blocked pores, inflammation and contact allergies.

The study found that that nine out of 10 women want a partner to think they are beautiful and well turned out at all times, and as such always try to make sure their make-up is perfectly applied.

Single women go make up free more often, especially when at home and at weekends.


We eat less healthily and put on weight in a relationship

junk foodStudies show that in a relationship women eat less healthily than when they are single and both sexes tend to put on weight.

[quote] Women eat more meat, drink more alcohol and eat more junk food when in a relationship, which can take a heavy toll on skin.[/quote]

Greek researchers from Salonica and IoanninaUniversities found that couples were more likely to become fat due to their significantly changed lifestyle as they let themselves go.

Married men are three times as likely to suffer obesity while married women are twice as likely to have weight problems, the study found.

The research, based on the study of more than 17,000 couples aged between 20 and 70, found that married couples exercised less frequently, had less sex and had poorer nutrition.

Couples spend more time eating together, sit in front of the TV more and often order takeaway ready meals while exercising less.

Obesity makes symptoms of psoriasis worse. A bad diet can further weaken the skin barrier in eczema sufferers and certain spicy junk food and an increase in alcohol can exacerbate rosacea.


We sleep less and are more sleep disturbed in a relationship

disturbed sleepResearch shows that both men and women sleep slightly less when in a relationship due to later nights and more talking and love making in bed, which cuts down on sleep time.

Men also suffer more than women from sleep disturbance when sharing a bed.

[quote]An Australian study in the journal New Scientist found that sharing a bed with someone could temporarily reduce men’s brain power.[/quote]

The study found that when men spend the night with a bed mate their sleep was disturbed, whether they make love or not, and this impaired their mental ability the next day.

The study found over all that both sexes had a more disturbed night’s sleep when they shared their bed.

In addition arguments with partners was the number one reason for insomnia in a recent study on worries that keep us awake.

Less sleep and irregular sleep patterns can cause skin to become stressed and over sensitive.

[quote] Lack of sleep also increases stress hormone levels, which can trigger eczema and psoriasis flare ups and cold sores. Stress also makes acne breaks out more frequent.[/quote]


We spend less time on skincare routines in a relationship

messy woman Although women wear more make up in a relationship they actually spend less time on skincare routines and skincare in general.

[quote]According to research, single men and women spend up to 30% more time on grooming and skincare than people in relationships.[/quote]

Essential skincare routines such as cleansing, regular face masks, exfoliating and make up removal are given less time in a relationship due to less ‘own time’ being available.


Our skin gets more irritated in a relationship

Intimate contact with beards and shaved skin can irritate sensitive skin and cause rashes and flare ups.

beardClose contact with someone else’s fragrances and washing powders used to wash their clothes can also cause contact allergies and make sensitive skin flare.

[quote]If you suffer from cold sores, frequent kissing and facial abrasions from shaved skin or beards can irritate the lips and trigger a cold sore out break.[/quote]


Our bedding is dirtier in a relationship

Men wash their bedding less than women, so if you are sleeping in your partner’s bed on a regular basis you are likely to be exposed to dirtier bedding which can trigger skin flare ups due to bacteria and bed mites.

messy bed[quote]A UK survey found most single men only change their sheets every three months.[/quote]

That’s compared to single women who change their bed linen every two weeks.

Men aged 18 to 25 were the worst offenders, with more than half of those surveyed admitting to only washing their sheets four times a year.

In addition bedding becomes dirtier when shared by two people, especially after lovemaking, and couples are more likely to sleep naked than single people so sweat and loose skin gets into bedding more and contact allergies to washing powder used on sheets is more of a risk.

So generally you can assume that when sharing either your own bed or another bed with someone else, your bedding is dirtier and more of a risk to your skin than when you sleep alone.

[quote] It’s estimated that 10 per cent of the weight of a two year pillow is comprised of dead skin and dust mites – so it’s no surprise that your bed can become a minefield of bacteria, viruses, sweat and hair which can cause or exacerbate skin allergies.[/quote]


shavingWe shave and wax more in a relationship

[quote]Research shows that both men and women shave and wax their skin more regularly when in a relationship than when they are single.[/quote]

Shaving and waxing are both enemies to sensitive skin and also can make very dry skin even drier and trigger eczema flare ups.


We use more fragrance in a relationship

perfumeBoth men and women tend to use more fragrances more often when in a relationship, according to surveys by a leading perfume brand.

Most fragrance adverts are aimed at attracting a partner and romance so it stands to reason that when in a romantic relationship we tend to wear more fragrance.

[quote]Often fragrances are applied in the evenings after showering and also before bed when in a relationship, where as single people tend to only wear fragrances when leaving the house.[/quote]

Fragrances and aftershaves are often responsible for contact skin allergies and can also cause eczema and rosacea flare ups.


On the other hand…….

orgasmOrgasms are good for your skin

Due to a post-orgasm endorphin rush and increased blood and oxygen circulation, your skin benefits from regular orgasms.

[quote]The sex skin glow is in part caused by your body’s release of dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, which promotes healthy skin and improves your complexion.[/quote]


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