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Vine extract offers natural alternative to steroids for eczema


Cardiospermym Gel is a skin  gel containing a vine extract called Cardiospermum which has been shown in a UK trial to be an alternative for helping relieve dry itchy skin, including  eczema and dermatitis.

What is Cardiospermum?

Cardiospermum is one of the commonest herbs used for skin problems from Sri Lanka where it is locally known as balloon vine. Its main medicinal powers lie mostly in its leaves which have been used for hundreds of years in Sri Lanka as a poultice for skin diseases, namely eczema and dermatitis.

What’ s the evidence that Cardiospermum Gel works? 

A UK trial overseen by a UK doctor on 25 testers indicated that Cardiospermum Gel reduced itchiness, dryness and skin sensitivity caused by eczema better or as well as prescribed treatments, while being nicer to use and less worrying in terms of negative side effects.

The trial found that Cardiospermum Gel was both more effective and significantly more pleasant to use than all existing treatment the patients had tried. Notably, 66% of the patients said they intended to continue using the gel in preference to their previously preferred treatments.

Aside from the UK trial, Cardiospermum is gaining a reputation for its anti-inflammatory and dermatological effect and has been studied in more than 12 published research trials on its medicinal effects on inflammatory conditions of the skin. In one recent double blind study carried out in Germany Cardiospermum was found to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect without any side effects.

The Bristol based GP who carried out the trial comments, [quote]“As Cardiospermum Gel can be shown to be as effective as a basket of other treatments for eczema, including steroids, and at the same time is significantly more user-friendly and can be used by children as it has a low risk of side-effects, there seems to be a compelling argument to encourage its use and to pursue further research into its effectiveness.”[/quote]

How quickly did  Cardiospermum Gel work?

Our Skin Shop customer and eczema tester reported that Cardiospermum Gel reduced itching within 12 hours and was soothing and cooling to apply. Within two days some redness had also reduced. Within a week the patch of sore dry skin had reduced by approximately 30%, redness was down by 50% and most importantly itching reduced by 70%.

How nice was Cardiospermum Gel to use?

Our tester said Cardiospermum Gel was very soothing to apply and did not sting. It went on easily and was absorbed quickly and did not leave the skin sticky not did it stick to clothing. Our tester found the gel was  most relieving to use when applied cold after being left in the fridge.

Skin Shop’s Cardiospermum Gel is available for £9.95 (100ml). Click here for more details





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