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Cardiospermum is a natural ‘cortisone’ for eye eczema



Eye eczema is an increasingly common skin condition due to eye cosmetics worn daily by millions of women.

Normal eczema is usually caused by an underlying genetic predisposition to eczema.

However, eye eczema is mostly contact eczema from cosmetics as well as eye products typically used to prevent ageing. Many women who develop eye eczema will not have had eczema before anywhere else and do not have a genetic predisposition for it.

Eye make-up removers are also culprits that can trigger eye eczema as they typically contain detergents aimed at dissolving make up, which when used on a daily basis can cause irritation to the skin around the eyes.

Other irritants that can contribute to eye eczema are contact lens solutions and chlorine from swimming pools. Frequent air travel can also add to the problem due to dehydration at altitudes. Sun creams with high SPF factors can also act as triggers for contact eye eczema.

Hay fever and medications used in the eyes to relieve it can also lead to eye eczema which can last long after the hay fever symptoms have abated.

Eye eczema tends to become more prevalent in middle age due to the skin becoming naturally drier with age and also due to the skin’s intolerance to cosmetics that builds over several years of over- exposure to these chemicals that can end in contact eye eczema.

The problem with eye eczema is that cortisone creams containing steroids are not really suitable for use in the eye area as the skin is so thin they can cause permanent damage such as discoloration of the skin and scarring. The maximum recommended period of use is a week so if the eye eczema returns, there are few other options available to treat the condition.

Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel is a light natural eye gel designed specifically as an eye eczema treatment. It’s not eye eczema cure, but it helps to quickly calm and relieve very dry, itchy and flaky skin around the eye.

Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel contains what many homeopathic doctors call a ‘natural cortisone’ or in medical terms a ‘phytosteroid’ which is a plant extract called Cardiospermum halicacabum, that acts much like a steroid but without the damaging side effects.

Cardiospermum halicacabum comes from the seeds of a vine and belongs to the plant family of Sapindaceae. It’s also known as the “balloon vine” or “love in a puff” and is a climbing plant that grows in abundance in Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia.

The species name of “Cardiospermum” comes from the small-sized, black-brown coloured seed, which have a white heart-shaped spot.

The term “halicacabum” is translated from Greek meaning “salt barrel”. The appearance of the fruit that looks inflated hence why its nickname is balloon-vine.

The surface of the cardiospermum plant contains active phytosterols which have an anti-redness properties and help relieve itching because they act as modulators of inflammation by reducing the amount of enzymes and pro-inflammatory peroxides.

A UK trial and several published research trials (* 1-7) have been carried out on cardiospermum due to its calming and restorative effects on inflammatory conditions of the skin including eczema and dermatitis.

Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-itching benefits without damaging or irritating the delicate skin around the eye. It can be applied daily to dry, itchy skin around the eye and is ideal for use under make-up.

Unlike cortisone creams, Dry Eye Gel can be used as often as is necessary to relieve itching, redness and dryness around the eyes. Even between flare ups, it can be worn daily as a protective measure and works perfectly as a skin primer under make up, to help protect vulnerable skin from further irritation from eye cosmetics.

If concealing and brightening of dryness, redness or general eye bag discolouration of skin around the eye is required, Hydrosil Dry Eye Concealer can be used after the Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel, which also contains cardiospermum halicacabum, as well as a skin repairing probiotic to help repair skin barrier function and prevent further dryness. Hydrosil Dry Eye Concealer comes in a natural skin tint and contains brightening and light reflecting particles to help concealer and brighten dull, red and dry skin around the eyes.

Both Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel and Hydrosil Dry Eye Concealer are free from parabens, perfumes MI and SLS and are 100% vegan.

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