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Donkey milk is an ancient wonder for eczema

  Donkey milk is the most hypoallergenic milk (1) out of all animal milks and is the one closest to human breast milk in its composition. Donkey milk is high in amino acids (2) and antimicrobial proteins (3), which is why it’s so beneficial to skin conditions such as eczema. Donkey milk has been given […]

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Bug Balm – relief for all bug bites!

  The summer weather brings out all manner of bugs that bite. Some hurt more than others but most itch infernally and leave unsightly red bumps on the skin for days if not weeks. Our NEW Bug Balm helps soothe and reduce all swelling and irritation from pesky bug bites. Bug Balm is a 100% natural skin balm […]

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Conceal Dry irritated and itchy eyes with new Dry Eye Concealer

  Concealing while not further inflaming dry and irritated skin around the eyes is a problem, but a solution is now at hand in the form of new Dry Eye Concealer Eczema, dermatitis and irritation around the eyes is very common and is often triggered by contact allergies from cosmetics, contact lens solution,  chlorine in […]

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New Hydrosil shampoo kicks post-holiday dry scalp flaking

There is nothing worse than returning from a lovely summer holiday with a flaking scalp. Post-holiday dry scalp dandruff is a common problem, and can last for several weeks after your holiday. Unlike normal dandruff, which is caused by fungus, dry scalp dandruff is caused by a very dry scalp. Sunburn to the scalp, chlorine […]

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Mastic gum hand cream brings relief to hard-working hands

A new hand cream containing a natural tree resin called mastic gum can help heal dry, cracked and sore hands. Hands are one of the extremities of the body and due to constant exposure to the elements and external irritants, they can get extremely dry, cracked and sore. Mastic gum has been extensively researched for […]

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Study finds new anti-bacterial facial wash for acne effective

A new anti-bacterial face wash, which is a combined cleanser/toner with a dermatologically tested formula that kills acne bacteria, has been found in a study to be effective at reducing acne. In an independent trial of 250 people of the new cleanser, over 90% of testers said they have noticed an improvement in the appearance […]

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A Shot at Youth

A new beauty ‘shot’ has been developed to help reverse or slow down the signs of ageing. Collagen Shots, developed by UK company Rejeauvenated, contain 10, 000 mgs of marine extract collagen per serving.  In addition super fruit Acai berry has been added along with B and C vitamins to create a synergistic blend for […]

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Celebrities rely on blue light gadget for treating acne

A new hand-held blue light-therapy gadget is the latest weapon of choice for A – list celebrities Rihanna, Geri Halliwell and Katherine Jenkins to control their acne and keep their skin clear. The new Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light device uses blue light therapy and claims to eliminate acne-causing bacteria in the skin, leaving it […]

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