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Getting rid of my cold sores helped me find love

Cold sores, which affect 30 million people in the UK, can undermine confidence and have a negative effect on dating for single people. However one lady, Jenni Donato, 32, an environmental consultant from Berkshire lives with her partner Rick, 32, conquered her cold sores and soon found love. Jenni says “In the past I have dreaded […]

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A bang on a cooking pan revealed I had arthritis!

Maureen Rae, 58, is a retired school secretary from Oxon in Oxfordshire who suffers from arthritis in her hands. Maureen says; “I first started getting arthritis about eight years ago. I had been out gardening and I came in and my knuckle was swollen. I thought I had been bitten by an insect. I was […]

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I never used to smile because of my cold sores

Cold sores affect almost 30 million people in the UK, in particular during the summer season when the majority of cold sore sufferers get their worst outbreaks due to the increased sun and stress of travelling to holiday destinations. Louisa Geer, 25, is  an insurance adviser from Eastbourne in East Sussex Louisa says: “As a […]

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The heat made my rosacea catch on fire

Jackie Duffy, 58, from Surrey is a rosacea sufferer who finds any form of heat makes her skin flare up, but she found a solution with Kalme products for her rosacea. Jackie  says: “Any form of heat, be it direct sun or just warmth through a window or in a car of even if it’s […]

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A summer holiday medication triggered my psoriasis

During a holiday of a lifetime in Thailand Sasha Burton, 22, a biology student from Brighton, had a severe skin reaction to a standard malaria medication that triggered her psoriasis and changed her skin forever. Sasha says: “It was a summer holiday that I had been dreaming of for years. I have always wanted to go […]

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