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My rosacea skin almost matched my red hair

Rosacea tends to affects fair skinned people more than olive skinned people and in particular people with red hair. The condition is far more common in Northern European countries and in the UK it’s more common in Irleland and Scotland than in the south of the country. Fiona Austin, 45, a divorced hypnotherapist from London, […]

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My cold sores made me hate my reflection

Carol Bell, 56, from Norwich suffered from severe out breaks of cold sores every six weeks  for 35 years until she discovered a balm made from Liquorice. Carol says: When I had a cold sore outbreak I’d have to avoid all mirrors as they looked so awful. I’d hide behind scarves and always worse my […]

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My labia psoriasis was so severe that my vagina almost closed!

Here one brave young woman, Pip Lucus, 29, a teacher from London, discusses the taboo skin condition Lichen Sclerosis, which is labia psoriasis. There are two types of Lichen Sclerosis. One starts in childhood, often goes before puberty and is then triggered in late teens by puberty. The other type occurs later in life and […]

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