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Facing the New Year with red skin can smart!

The New Year is a nightmare for rosacea sufferers. Too much alcohol, disrupted skin care routines, cold weather and increased stress over Christmas leaves skin furious and dried out. Lisa O’Donovan is a 32-year old Family support worker from Birmingham who used to dread starting eth new year with a red face. Lisa says: “Whilst […]

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My cold sores were ruining my life

Since she was a little girl Julie has suffered from severe cold sores. Julie would often get several cold sores at the same time which cover her lips and also large parts of her chin. Julie Davidson is a 21-year old beauty therapist from Queenferry in Scotland says; [quote]Some people talk about cold sores and they mean […]

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Hand eczema linked to stress

New research by the National Eczema Society has revealed 80% cent of newly diagnosed work-related skin problems are due to hand eczema.  Approximately six million people in theUKsuffer from hand eczema, which is characterised by swollen, cracked and blistered skin.  Alexandra Gray, 33, is a teacher from Ashbourne in Derbyshire and suffers from severe hand […]

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Defensil solved my photosensitive eczema

Photosensitive eczema is eczema that is triggered by the sun, its effectively a skin allergy to sun. Emma Holloway, 25, is a physiotherapist from Rugby, Warwickshire who has been allergic to summer holidays for most of her life until she found Defensil. Emma says: “I have always had eczema, but on a recent summer holiday I discovered […]

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Jackie had old bones in a young body

Jackie was still young when she was crippled by arthritis. BY Jackie Pereira 15 June, 2007 Old bones in young bodies When most people hear the word “Arthritis”, they think of elderly people with misshapen hands, bent backs and an inability to walk far or faster than a shuffle. While this can be true, it is only […]

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Itchy scalp stopped me sleeping

An itchy scalp became unbearable for George and ended in full blown scalp eczema which nothing would clear up. BY George Lawton 3 July, 2007 George Lawton is a 27 year old technical sales man and lives with his partner in London.  For the past two years George has suffered with itchy irritating scalp eczema, he had […]

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