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Cold sores knocked teenage daughter’s confidence

Distraught mum, was at her wits ends about her teenage daughter’s cold sores Naomi, 16, whose school attendance and self confidence were being badly affected by her monthly outbreaks of cold sores. BY  Nina Thorpe, 43, a legal secretary from Ryde on the Isle of Wight 3 July, 2007 “By this summer it had got the […]

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Hair loss from steroids real life story

Elizabeth had suffered eczema from birth but when she started to suffer hair loss from steroids she knew she had to find an alternative.   Elizabeth Morey is 46 and lives in London she has suffered with eczema since birth. Elizabeth has always had an on and off problem with scalp eczema, but recently, due to stress, […]

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Having psoriasis ruined my dream of becoming a nurse

Michelle Woods is 35 and lives in Leicester with her partner and two sons. She has suffered with psoriasis for the last 15 years which has really knocked her confidence and has stopped her pursuing her dream career. BY Michelle Woods 4 July, 2007 Michelle says: “When I first noticed a change in my skin I ignored […]

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Dry itchy scalp drained my confidence

Jane was prescribed steroids by her doctor to treat her dry itchy scalp until she was in her teens. Taking steroids for such a long time worried Jane and she began to look for alternative treatments. BY Jane Hadfield 3 July, 2007 Jane Hadfield, 28, is a Financial Analyst from Surrey. She has suffered from a chronic […]

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Nothing worked for Kate’s eczema.

Kate had suffered eczema all her life until she tried a gel containing an extract from the balloon vine. BY Kate 8 December, 2009 “I have had eczema since birth and when I was very little I wore gloves all the time because of scratching myself so much. It used to really upset my Mum as people […]

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Emily finds a natural solution to her psoriasis

Emily, 25, went through misery with her psoriasis until she found a natural treatment which worked. BY Rebecca Laske 8 December, 2009 – 16:48 Emily Fisher, 25, a Marketing Manager, lives with her partner John Staples, 32, an Electrician in Sutton. Emily says: “I was devastated in November 2003 when I suddenly developed a horrible and painful […]

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