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Cold sores on first day of holiday which left me scarred

Jo had suffered from cold sores for years, but on holiday she had her worst outbreak ever, with 11 cold sores which swelled up her face and left her with scars. BY Jo 4 July, 2007 “I’ve had cold sores all my life, with some periods being better than others, although I always get at least one or two quite […]

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Addressing acne the natural way

Yeast Masque has helped Louise Spence to combat persistent acne problems. BY Louise Spence 5 June, 2007 “My skin had always been prone to spots since I was a teenager. I trained as a beautician when I was 17 and so learnt a lot more about skin and what helps keep acne under control. I made a […]

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A new shampoo gave Andrea psoriasis

Andrea had always had perfect skin until a new type of shampoo gave her psoriasis. Her scalp deteriorated quickly and nothing her doctor gave her helped. BY Andrea Leach 3 July, 2007 Andrea Leach, 26, is a receptionist for a catering company from Finchely in London. Andrea says: “I have always had quite sensitive skin but I […]

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Eczema almost ruined Beth’s modelling career

Eczema is terrible for anybody but when your living depends on good skin and your appearance it can be even worse. Here model Beth Caterer, who is married to 80’s pop sensation Nick Heyward from the band  Haircut One Hundred,  talks about how eczema almost ended her successful modelling career. “I got badly bullied at school […]

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Celafen helps Rose’s arthritis

Nothing worked for Rose’s arthritic hands until she discovered Celafen Rose Johnstone 51 lives in East Dulwich London with her husband. She has suffered from painful arthritis in both hands for the last two years. After experiencing pain and stiffness in her fingers Rose went to see her GP and was diagnosed with arthritis, but […]

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