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Holiday Dietary Bacteria Advice

Question: I am about to go travelling for a few months, but am worried about getting an upset stomach. Do you have any tips? 16 September, 2008 Answer: Travellers tummy, as it is sometimes known, is caused by unfriendly types of intestinal bacteria getting into your system through dirty water or contaminated food. There is […]

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Insomnia Advice

Question: Every night I wake up two or three times and have great difficulty in getting off to sleep again. In the mornings I tend to sleep heavily and I find it very hard to get up. Am I getting enough sleep and what can I do to get more? 16 September, 2008 Answer: With the […]

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Antioxidants advice

Question: There seems to be a lot in the news about antioxidants. What are they and should I be taking them? BY Rebecca Laske 16 September, 2008 – 09:13 Answer: Antioxidants stop unstable oxygen molecules called oxidants or free radicals from causing microscopic destruction of the body’s tissues. Free radicals are caused by everything from processed foods […]

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Constipation advice

Question: I think I might be constipated. What do you recommend for constipation? 16 September, 2008 – 16:24 Answer: If you’re taking War and Peace into the bathroom instead of your favourite crossword puzzle, the chances are you are constipated. Constipation results when food moves too slowly through the gastrointestinal tract. No exact frequency of bowel […]

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Cystitis Advice

Question: I think I might be suffering from cystitis, are there any natural remedies you would recommend? 16 September, 2008 – 16:26 Answer: CYSTITIS is an infection of the urinary tract that occurs when the membrane lining of the bladder becomes inflamed. This is usually as a result of bacteria passing through the urinary passage, […]

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Dehydration Advice

Question: I understand that drinking enough water is important for every aspect of one’s health, however, advice seems to vary on the subject. Can you help? 16 September, 2008 – 16:28 Answer: It is easy to become dehydrated without realising. By the time you feel thirsty, you’ve probably already lost two or more cups from […]

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Low Energy Advice

Question: I used to be so full of energy but I’m finding it increasingly hard to get up in the mornings and my motivation is low through the day. I need an extra boost! What do you recommend? 16 September, 2008 – 17:10 Answer: I think most of us are reluctant to leave our beds […]

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Exercise Advice

Question: I know that exercise is good for you, which is why I try to be as active as possible, but is it true that too much exercise can actually do you more harm than good? 16 September, 2008 – 17:11 Answer: You are absolutely right, regular exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Scientific […]

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Eye Health and the Sun Advice

Question: Why is it so important to protect your eyes from the sun? 16 September, 2008 – 17:16 Answer: Light is essential for us to see. But light can also be damaging unless the eye has adequate protection. Light creates harmful free radicals in the eye that can cause oxidation. Oxidation can lead to impaired […]

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Colloidal Silver Advice

Question: I’ve heard people talking about colloidal silver and hailing it as a wonder product, can you tell me more and what I can use it for? 16 September, 2008 – 17:20 Answer: Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. It has been reported to kill 650 micro-organisms, many of which […]

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