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Escape the curse of dry winter skin

Dry winter skin is a common problem during colder weather. Dry, flaky and  eczema prone skin gets worse in winter due to lower humidity outside and moisture-draining central heating inside. However there are several surprisingly simple do’s and dont’s to help minimise skin moisture loss during the harsh winter months and banish dry winter skin. […]

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A wig wearer’s guide to avoiding itchy scalp

Wigs are worn by thousands of people, but the texture, glue or tape and lack of ventilation from wigs often leads to a dry, hot and itchy scalp for regular wig wearers. Wigs can restore confidence and improve appearance of hair loss conditions such as alopecia and other hair thinning conditions, as well as to […]

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Spot the difference between teen acne and adult acne!

According to the latest statistics from the American Academy of Dermatology, 54% of women over the age of 25 have acne, making female adult acne now one of the most common skin complaints of adult women. However with the rise of adult acne, many people are confused about what is the difference between teen acne […]

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Pubic Trends – Are you practicing good intimate skincare?

Intimate hair is no longer something that is hidden beneath the sheets and never discussed, which means intimate skincare is becoming increasingly important as any other skincare regime. The trend for pruning, waxing, shaping, grooming and even colouring pubic hair is now as common place as another other form of hair removal or personal grooming. […]

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Are your cleansing culprits causing bad skin?

Cleansing is supposed to be the key to good skin. We are all told to do it religiously if we want to keep skin younger looking and healthy. But the way you cleanse and what you cleanse with could actually be giving you bad skin as well as prematurely ageing you. Here is our guide to […]

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Facial and lip fillers open door to skin bacteria

Everyone who has facial or lip fillers knows that there is a risk of an allergic skin reaction to the fillers, but new research has found that in fact it’s not an allergic reaction that causes the problem, it’s actually bacteria. Facial fillers for ironing out wrinkles and plumping up lips are the second most […]

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The Ugly Truth About Skin Conditions

Frankly here at Skin Magazine we’re shocked. A new report claims that a quarter of people with psoriasis have been dumped because of their skin condition. 15% of people will not go on holiday because of their psoriasis, more than half of psoriasis sufferers believe their co-workers act as if there is something wrong with them […]

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Breaking up can be good for problem skin

Breaking up may be hard on the heart, but it can actually be good for sensitive and problem skin. There are several things about relationships that are bad for problem skin and can lead to skin break outs and flare ups and make sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea worse, as well […]

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