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Summer Holiday Sensitive Skin Savers

Summer holidays are potentially the most problematic time for sensitive skin, and it’s not just because of the sun. Flights, increased stress, a break in your normal skincare routine, dehydration, hotel bath and skincare products, different bedding, increased use of SPF creams, chlorine from pools, abrasion from sand and salt, a change in diet, increased […]

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How to avoid Autumn sensitive skin issues

Returning to catch up at work after a restful summer holiday, the onset of winter colds, more indoor living, and a dramatic change in the weather can all add up to making sensitive skin even more sensitive and lead to flare ups. But sensitive skin can be caused by a number of different factors, and […]

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Cardiospermum is the wonder plant for inflammed skin

Cardiospermum is a plant that helps skin in almost every way, from eczema to bacterial infections, and it may even help reduce swelling and pain from arthritis. Cardiospermum can help everything from itching, redness and dryness to inflammation and it also helps prevent open sores from eczema becoming infected with bacteria. Cardiospermum is a vine […]

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How to avoid Hay fever Hell

This year has been a mild winter so the hay fever allergy season is set to start early, so for the 27% of us who suffer this Spring allergy, brace yourselves! And just because you have not got it yet, doesn’t mean you wont. Hay fever can develop at any age and more middle-aged people […]

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Menopause Must-Have Skin Savers

Your skin goes through several dramatic changes during the menopause due to sudden hormonal fluctuations. Skin can suddenly change to being spottier, drier and more sensitive However with some careful and targeted preparation, you can minimise the changes your skin makes while going through the menopause. A Night Repair Cream Night creams become especially important […]

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