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How to avoid Hay fever Hell

This year has been a mild winter so the hay fever allergy season is set to start early, so for the 27% of us who suffer this Spring allergy, brace yourselves! And just because you have not got it yet, doesn’t mean you wont. Hay fever can develop at any age and more middle-aged people […]

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Menopause Must-Have Skin Savers

Your skin goes through several dramatic changes during the menopause due to sudden hormonal fluctuations. Skin can suddenly change to being spottier, drier and more sensitive However with some careful and targeted preparation, you can minimise the changes your skin makes while going through the menopause. A Night Repair Cream Night creams become especially important […]

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Spring Skin Scares

Surprise Spring sun, plant blooms and frequently changing weather conditions can trigger a multitude of sensitive skin conditions. 1 in 10 visits to GP’s in Spring are due to skin problems. Spring sun is more dangerous than high summer sun as often it appears suddenly when you are not expecting it and does not feel […]

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Adult Acne Epidemic

Acne is traditionally a skin problem associated with teenagers, but new research reveals that acne is now dramatically on the rise among middle-aged women. [quote]New figures reveal that 50 per cent of women suffer from acne at some point in their adult life.[/quote] Skin experts believe that an increase in the male hormone, testosterone, is […]

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Flaky scalp – do you know why?

Flaky scalps are a very common problem but the reasons for a flaky scalp are not always as simple as you might think. The scalp is often the most ignored part of the body when it comes to skin, but in fact scalps are often very sensitive and highly vulnerable to skin conditions, especially dry […]

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What causes eye eczema?

Eye Eczema is more common than normal eczema, according to the latest figures, and is more common among middle age women than any other age group due to decades of wearing cosmetics and using eye make up removers. Atopic eye dermatitis is the umbrella term for all types of eye eczema and eye dermatitis. However […]

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Penis Psoriasis & Vaginal Psoriasis – the last taboos

It’s not talked about much, but both penis psoriasis and vaginal psoriasis are almost as common as any other type of psoriasis. Psoriasis on and around the genitals is more commonplace than most would like to admit, with penis psoriasis being more common than vaginal psoriasis. Genital psoriasis can appear spontaneously like any other type […]

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Psychodermatology, a new direction for skin?

 It’s widely accepted now that skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema are affected by a person’s psychological state of mind. Although many skin conditions are genetically inherited, their level of severity and the frequency of skin outbreaks are often dominated by psychological factors, creating a vicious cycle. Stress, emotional trauma, bereavement, divorce, redundancy, depression […]

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Just because you have spots, doesn’t mean you have acne!

If you have spots, you tend to assume you have acne. But this is not always the case, in fact a lot of ‘spots’ are caused by other factors, including skin allergies, independent health conditions, infections or viruses. However if you use anti-acne treatments on many of these other ‘acne’ conditions, it can make the condition […]

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