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Festive Skin Sins

By Amy Anderson Christmas is a time that can play havoc with your skin. From too much alcohol to new party clothes and scented gifts, your skin doesn’t rejoice at this festive time of year! So while you may return to work or school having had a joyful Christmas break, often your skin looks ruddy, […]

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Menopause identified as trigger for new type of arthritis

A recent study has shed new light on a little-known type of arthritis known as ‘menopausal arthritis’, which effects women at the onset of the menopause and causes moderate to severe pain and swelling mainly in the fingers and wrists. The study (1), carried out in September 2005, was on women who were taking oestrogen inhibiting […]

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Painkillers pose risk to weak hearts

New studies show that the UK’s 8 million arthritis sufferers could be increasing their risk of heart attack through their use of NSAID’s. BY Amy Anderson 15 June, 2007 Several studies carried out in the last year have highlighted possible dangers of taking high doses of painkillers, namely taken by the UK’s 8 million arthritis sufferers. The […]

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How to prevent summer holiday health woes

While a holiday is a time for relaxation and recuperation, it can also be a trigger for illness and health problems due to sudden changes in climate and diet, as well as increased levels of stress and dehydration from travelling. BY Amy Anderson 5 July, 2007 Here are some common summer holiday ailments and how you […]

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What your skin can tell you about your circulation

What your skin can tell you about your circulation Although bad circulation affects a huge percentage of people in the UK – it’s extremely hard to spot. Many of the most obvious symptoms of bad circulation (dizziness, DVT, heart problems etc) tend to occur only when the problem has reached a very serious level. However […]

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How to avoid back to school ill health

Although the summer holidays haven’t even arrived yet, many parents will already be planning for their children’s return back to school after the summer break. BY Amy Anderson 5 July, 2007 But apart from new uniforms, hair cuts and sharpened pencils, parents can also do a great deal to help prepare and protect their children’s health for […]

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RSI – a growing concern for office workers

A recent survey by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy reported that a shocking half a million workers suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and that the number of working days lost to the condition is now 4.7 million. The report said that cases of RSI have risen dramatically since 2002 and that it is a […]

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The 5 hidden dangers lurking in your toothpaste

Dental hygiene products that you and your children use every day may contain harmful chemicals and toxins that have been linked to a number of serious health risks, especially for young children. BY Amy Anderson 3 July, 2007 Many name-brand toothpastes and mouthwashes contain potentially harmful ingredients, which are made up of very small molecules that may […]

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The majority of parents worry about using steroids on their children

According to a recent survey among dermatologists, nearly three-quarters of parents with children who have atopic eczema worry about using topical steroids and almost a quarter are non-compliant. BY Amy Anderson 5 July, 2007 Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a common problem in infants and children. It usually begins between two and six months of age with very […]

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Other health factors responsible for the rising tide of psoriasis

The skin condition psoriasis is on the increase but it is only recently that studies into the condition have begun to find links with other health conditions that might explain why this may be. BY Amy Anderson 5 July, 2007 In preparation for World Psoriasis Day in October, the International Psoriasis Council’s (IPC) have highlighted new health factors that […]

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