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Celafen Cream – 30-minute pain relief breakthrough for arthritis


A new ingredient in our NEW Celafen cream has been shown in published research to deliver effective pain relief to stiff, painful joints within just 30 minutes of application, which is faster than most oral painkillers.
Celafen Cream TubeThe most common symptoms of arthritis are pain, stiffness, reduced joint range of movement and limitations to normal daily activities, such as getting up from a chair, walking, balance and ascending/descending stairs.

Research suggests that NSAID’s may actually inhibit the growth of cartilage in joints and so in the long term be detrimental to arthritis sufferers.

What is Celafen?

Celafen contains a unique clinically tested patented ingredient called celadrin ®, which is made from a special complex of esterified fatty acids (EFA’s). Celafen  has the further advantage of having no dangerous side effects, such as those linked to NSAIDs.

Celafen is a natural product that works by lubricating the cell membranes and repelling inflammatory chemicals responsible for the pain, stiffness and reduced mobility associated with arthritis

What’s the evidence that Celafen works? 

Several pieces of published research, including two recent studies in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology, have measured the effect that celadrin ® has on all of the arthritic symptoms listed above with convincing results. The researchers found that celadrin ® improved each symptom just 30 minutes after the topical cream was applied, which is significantly faster than any other topical or oral form of pain relief for joint pain and stiffness.

GP Dr Donald Grant comments: “There is good evidence for the efficacy of long chain fatty acids in preparations such as Celafen for the treatment of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Obviously Celafen ™ will not be suitable for everyone and as the evidence suggests that results from the cream are seen fairly rapidly (within 30 minutes in many cases), therefore if no results are seen within a month I would suggest people stop using the product as it is clearly not working for them. But in my opinion it is worth trying because if preparations like Celafen help reduce arthritis sufferer’s dependence on NSAIDs, and there is good evidence to suggest that it might, this can only be a good thing.”

How soon does Celafen work?

The claims are that Celafen works within 30 mimnutes of application. Out tester found it worked within 40 minutes and was most effective in the mornings rubbed into the hands and fingers for 15 minutes while hands still warm from bed.

Pain and stiffness were reduced by about 50% and the effects lasted several hours after application. After two weeks of use general pain and stiffness at all times was reduced by about 60%. Overall pretty impressive seeing as no negative side efffects.

Value for money? 

Depends how many areas you are using it on, but for one site one tube lasts about a month so not a bad price compared to prescription charges for painkillers.

Marks out of ten


Celafen ™ is a natural formulation and is free from all parabens and propylene glycol. Celafen ™ Cream costs £9.95 (50ml). Click here for more information.




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