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Chemicals in skin care & beauty products may increase risk of diabetes


A new study has found that chemicals called phthalates found in most over the counter skin care and beauty products can increase the risk of diabetes.

Phthalates help keep beauty products such as skin creams, nail varnishes, shower gels and hair products liquid and easy to apply. However phthalates are know to disrupt the nature balance of hormones in the body.

[quote]The average woman uses over ten different skincare and beauty products a day, many of which will contain phthalates.[/quote]

The US study, published in the July edition of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives on 2,350 women found that those with the above average levels of two chemicals, mono-benzyl phthalate and mono-isobutyl phthalate, were at an approximately 60% and 70%  higher risk respectively of developing diabetes than those with low or average levels of the two chemicals in their bodies.





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