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Christmas Depression Advice


Question: It might sound daft, but I always feel a little tearful during the festive period. Is there a logical explanation for this and if so, what do you suggest?

16 September, 2008 – 16:11

Answer: Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness and togetherness, but statistics show that it is also the most stressful time of the year.

For many of us the stress of real and imagined obligationscan lead to a mild, temporary depression commonly known as the ‘Holiday Blues’. For others, loneliness and loss can add to this feeling of despondence.

Typical symptoms tend to include insomnia, loss of appetite,difficulty concentrating, fatigue, tension headaches and indigestion. These same symptoms can occur with a more serious depression, so if you’re still feeling down after the festive season, consult your GP.

In the meantime however, here are some handy hints on how toavoid those holiday blues.

Pace yourself! Set yourself a ‘to do’ list and graduallyshorten this during the days before Christmas to relieve the pressure of thebig day. Think of it as your own advent countdown!

Take time out! Try to dedicate a small amount of each day toyourself and make sure you are getting enough rest.

If the kids are the cause of the headache, tire them out bytaking them for a long walk in the fresh air.

Finally and most importantly, stay fit and healthy. This isdifficult enough during the winter months, but when we’re stressed or feeling low our immune system becomes weak and we’re more likely to fall ill at the slightest hint of a snivel.


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