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Question: During the winter I find that my fingers and toes get very cold. Is there anything that could help me?

BY Rebecca Laske 16 September, 2008 – 12:27

Answer: Getting cold fingers and toes comes down to poor circulation. When the body’s flow of blood is restricted, blood and therefore warmth is not reaching the extremities.

During the winter months when we are not so active and the temperature outside is lower, our bodies have a harder task in keeping us warm.

If your fingers and toes are persistently cold even in warmer weather, you may be suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome. The pain is often extreme and is caused by a lack of blood flowing to the affected area because the arteries contract and temporarily stop the blood from flowing. If you are experiencing these symptoms you should see your doctor.

Arteries are what carry our blood to the outer reaches of the body such as fingers and toes. This blood is enriched with oxygen from the lungs which helps the body’s cells to carry out their functions.

These functions are not one hundred per cent efficient and the waste product they produce is heat. If blood is not reaching the cells to help them do their job, no heat is produced making you cold.

This is why good circulation is so important in keeping you warm.

People that smoke or eat a high fat diet are blocking their arteries with fatty deposits that cling to the inside walls and narrow the space for the blood to flow through.

A simple way to improve circulation is to drink plenty of water. Blood is about ninety per cent water and if we are dehydrated our blood becomes thicker and it is much harder for it to pass through our bodies efficiently. Drinking plenty of water keeps the blood diluted and it will find its way to your toes much more easily.

A natural supplement which scientific research has shown is very effective for maintaining healthy blood circulation; thereby keeping fingers and toes nice and warm is Ginkgo Biloba extract. It is extracted from the Maidenhair tree, one of the world’s oldest species of trees.

Take one to two capsules per day to keep your blood flowing to all the right places. Patients already taking prescribed anticoagulant drugs should seek medical advice before taking Ginkgo Biloba.

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