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Coffee is not linked to psoriasis


Many of our most common vices are linked to a higher risk of psoriasis, but thankfully one isn’t, and that’s coffee!

New research has found that coffee is NOT bad for psoriasis, in fact research has found that the anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine may even help.

Scientists found in a study on 82,000 people over 14 years, published in the March edition of Archives of Dermatology, that people with psoriasis who drank coffee daily were not at any higher risk of developing psoriasis than non-coffee drinkers.

[quote]Earlier published research has found that caffeine applied directly to the skin of volunteers with psoriasis had an apparent benefit.[/quote]

Scientists from the Department of Dermatology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences found that applying caffeine directly to psoriatic skin helped reduce symptoms.

The  scientists found that application of a cream containing 10% caffeine three times a day for 8 weeks was notably more effective at reducing symptoms than the placebo cream.


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  • katie Roberts

    having used yourOregon intensive serum for some time now I would like to tell you that not only is it excellent for psoriasis but it is marvellous for removing age spots. All the age spots on my hands have now gone and I am so pleased as my Doctor said there isn’t any medication for age spots and they just have to be tolerated. She is wrong.


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