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Cold sores on first day of holiday which left me scarred


Jo had suffered from cold sores for years, but on holiday she had her worst outbreak ever, with 11 cold sores which swelled up her face and left her with scars.

BY Jo 4 July, 2007

“I’ve had cold sores all my life, with some periods being better than others, although I always get at least one or two quite regularly.

I’m not sure what triggers them exactly but the sun always had a negative effect and I’ve avoided summer holidays for years because the last holiday I went on was a disaster.”

“It was in 2005 and I had gone on holiday with friends and the day after I arrived I broke out in 11 cold sores at the same time. It was hideous.

They were so severe I still have scarring on my face from the outbreaks. They spread from my lips to my chin and the lower half of my face was actually swollen they were that severe.”

Jo with coldsores

“Because I was on holiday I was probably paying more attention to my make up and that combined with the strain of getting to a holiday destination and probably getting quite dirty skin while travelling resulted in the worst outbreak I have ever had and I’ve never been on a holiday since. It was my first holiday in several years as I suffer from ME and so find it hard to travel and it was completely ruined by my cold sores. When I get cold sores I feel really greasy and grubby and they do make me feel self conscious, neither are ideal for trying to enjoy a summer holiday break.”

“I’ve tried prescription strength anti viral treatments from the doctors and a whole host of natural remedies to try and get rid of them. Nothing has even come close to having an effect until I saw a TV programme where a doctor was discussing the merits of a new cold sore treatment made from liquorice. It sounded ridiculous as more like a cosmetic than a serious treatment but the doctor appeared convinced. He said there was good scientific evidence to suggest that something in liquorice helps destroy the cold sore virus. I was a bit more convinced about what he had said and so with a great deal of scepticism I ordered some of the liquorice treatment. It wasn’t sticky and smelt simply of liquorice and had no chemicals in at all. I worry that chemicals and perfumes in skin creams and lip products might be also effect my cold sores so I was glad to see that the gel was natural.”

“I applied the treatment twice a day as instructed and within a few days my cold sore that I had at the time had gone. They normally last well over a week but these were gone in a few days after using the gel. I haven’t had another cold sore since and that was 16 months ago. I honestly still cannot believe how the liquorice treatment has worked for me. It’s so easy to use and so nice it feels like it can’t possible be effective yet the evidence is there for me. I have never been through a cold sore free period this long in my adult life, it’s truly is amazing. I now use a liquorice balm every day religiously and use the rescue gel if I ever get a tingle on my lips and now won’t put anything else on my lips at all except the liquorice products.”

“I’m planning a summer holiday later this year with some friends staying in a luxury hotel in the Midlands to celebrate my 40th birthday and I’m so confident in the liquorice treatment I believe I’ll stay cold sore free for the holiday and my birthday celebrations which will be the best birthday present of all.”

Jo used Liquorice Balm which costs £7.95 for 30 gm.




  • How to get rid of a cold sore

    Dear Amy,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Most consumers are not knowledgeable that they have experienced the cold sore virus in their physique for probably a lengthy time until finally they get an outbreak. The cold sore virus enters the body the moment and stays, so to say, forever. But its results are not commonly apparent before an outbreak takes place. Outbreaks develop when ailments favourable to the virus occur. The virus hides below the skin supplying the perception that anyone is fully healed when undergoing the prescribed remedy or all natural treatment solution. It will return when situations are conducive.
    I look forward to your next post


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