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New study finds Dry Scalp Shampoo calms scalp eczema


NEW Dry Scalp Shampoo containing a vine extract called Cardiospermum could aide in reducing dry scalp dandruff caused by eczema or dermatitis.

Dry Scalp Shampoo  is for scalps with eczema or dermatitis, which accounts for 40% of all dandruff.

Normal dandruff  is caused by fungus on the scalp. Dandruff caused by scalp eczema or scalp dermatitis has similar symptoms to fungal dandruff but needs completely different treatment.

Scalp eczema or scalp dermatitis cannot be treated with normal anti dandruff shampoos, in fact they make it worse. Normal anti-dandruff shampoos contain harsh anti-fungal agents that make scalp eczema or scalp dermatitis even drier, causing more flaking.

Like normal eczema, scalp eczema is usually genetic. However scalp dermatitis can also be caused by allergic reactions to hair products, dyes and shampoos.

Dry Scalp Shampoo cleanses the scalp of dry skin flakes and moisturises the scalp by helping the scalp’s own moisturising agent called Sebum. Sebum is a type of oil. It is secreted by the scalp to keep the skin of the scalp healthy and supple.

What’s in our Dry Scalp Shampoo?

The key ingredients in the new Dry Scalp Shampoo are cardiospermum, honey and sugar beat.

Cardiospermum is an extract from a vine that research shows helps soothe irritated scalps. Cardiospermum is grown in Sri Lanka and has been widely researched for it’s positive effect on eczema and dry skin.

Pure honey is nature’s moisturiser for scalp tissues. Honey helps to protect the sebum during cleansing of the scalp and to moisturise the scalp tissue.

Sugar beet is Dry Scalp Shampoo’s natural foaming agent that gives a rich lather without irritation. Most foaming agents in normal shampoos contain chemicals that make scalp eczema or scalp dermatitis worse.

Dry Scalp Shampoo’s Ph balance is 6, which is very close to the skin’s natural Ph of 5. Most anti-dandruff  shampoos have a very high Ph to help kill fungus. But for people with a dry scalp a high Ph is too harsh and can make the flaking worse.

What’s the evidence that Dry Scalp Shampoo works?

A trichologist in collaboration with Bath University trialled Dry Scalp Shampoo on scalp eczema and scalp dermatitis volunteers.

He concluded:[quote] “The results of the trial results show a very high success rate with the Dry Scalp Shampoo not only for clearing the scalp of flakes but also preventing their return, reducing any underlying inflammation and causing a marked reduction in irritation, dryness and sensitivity of the scalp.”[/quote]

Aside from the UK trial, Cardiospermum is gaining a reputation for its anti-inflammatory and dermatological effect and has been studied in more than 12 published research trials on its medicinal effects on inflammatory conditions of the skin. In one recent double blind study carried out in Germany Cardiospermum was found to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect without any side effects.

How quickly does  Dry Scalp Shampoo work?

Our Skin Shop customer and scalp eczema tester reported that Dry Scalp Shampoo reduced scalp itching within 12 hours. Within two days some flaking had also reduced. Within a week of daily use scalp flaking had reduced by 60%, scalp  itching reduced by 70%.

How nice was Dry Scalp Shampoo  to use?

Our tester said Dry Scalp Shampoo was soothing to apply with a pleasing amount of lather and left hair feeling cleansed and clean.

Skin Shop’s Dry Scalp Shampoo is available for £5.95 Click here for details.



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