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Facing the New Year with red skin can smart!


The New Year is a nightmare for rosacea sufferers. Too much alcohol, disrupted skin care routines, cold weather and increased stress over Christmas leaves skin furious and dried out.

Lisa O’Donovan is a 32-year old Family support worker from Birmingham who used to dread starting eth new year with a red face.

Lisa says:

“Whilst pregnant with my first child I developed rosacea and have tried many different treatments for over three years. I’ve had the most dreadful Christmases since I got rosacea, everyone always thinks I’m a drunk mother, you know had one too many when no one was looking. I’m always the one in the family pictures with a luminous red face.

I was three months pregnant and I developed a bright red circle on my right cheek. It got worse through my pregnancy and it spread from my left cheek to my right cheek until eventually it was all over my face, in my chin, both cheeks and on my forehead. Not only was my skin very red, it was also bumpy and there was small spots all over my skin. I looked dreadful. My skin has caused me quite a lot of anxiety, I was worried at one stage that is was skin cancer it was so bad. I kept thinking it was just hormonal but when it didn’t go away after my pregnancy I got it diagnosed and I found it was rosacea.

They had no idea if my pregnancy had triggered it or not, but they did say I was very young to have rosacea. I was really upset when they told me what I had. I was thinking I was going to end up with a horrible red bumpy nose like an alcoholic. Once I found out about the condition I was even more upset as there wasn’t really any decent cure.

I became extremely self conscious and started not wanting to go out much. Every New Year has been very painful since I got rosacea as everyone looks great and makes plans to go out and all I wanted to do each year is stay in as I felt I looked so dreadful.

[quote]I was prescribed several different steroid creams and at one stage I was on antibiotics, but none of them worked. They made my skin even itchier and dryer, and my skin remained red the whole time. Nothing seemed to work. I went on trying different treatments for three years. I even tried a laser treatment to try and seal the veins under my skin, but that didn’t work. I was desperate for something to work.[/quote]

I tried Skin Shop’s KALME products  just under year ago after my mum saw something on TV about a woman who had tried in on her rosacea. The cream was instantly soothing on my skin. Within two weeks the results were visible. My skin was much less itchier and less dry. Within a month my skin had dramatically improved, so much that you could barely see I had any redness at all and the bumps on my skin were almost gone.

This Christmas was the first one when I was actually able to relax and enjoy myself without looking like a circus clown and everyone telling me to lay off the booze! I went out to a New Year party with a lovely clear complexion and enjoyed getting ready and buying a nice party dress without dreading that I would be the freak in the corner with the beetroot face.

I am confident that this year will be the best year yet for my skin. I am over the moon about the KALME products. I think the products are so fantastic they should be on prescription they have worked better than any steroid cream I have ever been prescribed by my doctor.”

Lisa used KALME from Skin Shop. More information about KALME click here >>>


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