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Food allergies triggered from eczema on the skin not from the gut


A new study has found a direct link between eczema in children and development of food allergies.

peanutsWhat is interesting about the new study, published in the latest edition of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, is that for the first time research has found that food allergies may originate via the skin rather than the stomach. Until now, experts have assumed that food allergies begin in the gut and end up affecting the skin, but the new study suggests the cause could be the reverse.

Eczema, which effects one in five babies and children, causes a deterioration of the skin barrier, which leads to inflammation that could trigger food allergies.

[quote]Eggs whites, cow’s milk and peanuts are the most common food allergies among children, which affect 1 in 12 babies and children. Children with eczema are six times more likely to develop a food allergy thank children without eczema.[/quote]

The skin barrier protects the body from a number of external irritants, chemicals and allergens as well as protecting the underlying epidermis from surface bad skin bacteria.

Normal skin barriers keep all of these potentially harmful on the skin’s surface and prevents them from entering the body. However for eczema sufferers, this skin barrier is weak making it much easier for allergen and bacteria to enter the body via the skin.

[quote]It is becoming increasingly accepted that keeping eczema damaged skin protected from being overpopulated with bad bacteria and external allergens is crucial to controlling the condition.[/quote]

Our new Silver Serum is a natural skin serum suitable for use on adults and children that protects infected, weak or open skin from being over populated with bad skin bacteria. Bad skin bacteria can enter the body via the weakened skin barrier and lead to infection and inflammation as well as alert the immune cells in the skin triggering various allergic reactions, while at the same time preserving good skin bacteria that keeps skin healthy and stronger.

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