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French seaweed reduces acne by over 60%


An active ingredient taken from brown seaweed that grows off the coast of Brittany in France has been found to reduce acne by over 60%, according to new research.

A new clinical trial of a treatment containing the seaweed ingredient showed the number of spots fell by 64 % and blackheads by 60 % after eight weeks.

[quote]The study, published in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, an official journal of the British Association of Dermatologists, was the first study on a cosmetic treatment for acne to be published in an official dermatology journal.[/quote]

The active anti-acne compound taken from brown seaweed is called Laminaria digitata.

In a trial of 60 males aged 14 to 21 years with mild acne, half used seaweed-based skin wash and balm, while the others used products that did not contain the seaweed ingredient.

The seaweed group reported a cut the number of spots as well as a reduction in inflammation and redness within two weeks. Blackheads and spots had reduced by 29% after two weeks and after four weeks blackheads were cut by 42% and spots by 50%.




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