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French secret to anti-ageing lies in their penchant for stinky cheese


A new anti-inflammatory agent found in the French blue cheese Roquefort and other mould-fermented cheeses could be a new development in the battle against ageing for the skin as well as banishing cellulite.

The French have always aged well and it’s a paradox that has baffled scientists and doctors for years because of the nation’a relatively high consumption of saturated fats yet low levels of cardiovascular disease and a generally slow-ageing population.

Until now the Frenchs slow-ageing has been partly attributed to red wine, which contains an anti-oxidant called Reserveratrol, but scientists have realised that this only explains part of the answer to the puzzle of the French Paradox.

However the new research, carried out by UK pharmaceutical company Lycotec, has discovered perhaps the missing part of the French paradox puzzle.

Researchers have discovered that during the ripening process, fermented blue vein French cheeses produce anti-inflammatory agents that have a sub-clinical anti inflammatory effect that have particular benefit in the lining of the stomach and on the skin’s surface and can therefore help banish wrinkles as well as reduce cellulite.


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