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Hair loss from steroids real life story


Elizabeth had suffered eczema from birth but when she started to suffer hair loss from steroids she knew she had to find an alternative.


Elizabeth Morey is 46 and lives in London she has suffered with eczema since birth. Elizabeth has always had an on and off problem with scalp eczema, but recently, due to stress, it has flared up more severely causing her a great deal of discomfort and irritation. But her biggest fear came true when she started to suffer hair loss from steroids she was taking for her eczema. Her mother had lost much of her hair due to the same condition and Elizabeth was terrified the same might happen to her. Her doctor reassured her that it wouldn’t, but one day her hair started coming out in clumps.

Elizabeth says:

“I have tried everything to treat my scalp eczema, I was on steroids until I was 12 which did help but when I started to suffer hair loss from steroids I became terrified about what the long term effects might be. My mother had lost most of her hair due to taking steroids for the same condition and I had always been worried that the same thing would happen to me. So once I started realising I was also suffering hair loss from steroids, I decided to stop using steroids, no matter what the consequences were. I was in agony for months after stopping them because my scalp itched infernally all the time. My hair continued to fall out even after stopping the steroids, but I was also scratching my head all the time so I had scabs too. When I stopped taking steroids, in desperation I tried all sorts of other herbal shampoos but none managed to stop the irritation to my scalp, some even made it worse!”

“My head became so itchy it was distracting me from my work, I am an artist and whenever I sat down to paint my itchy scalp would interrupt my concentration. I was also constantly thinking about my hair and became slightly obsessed with repeatedly checking it to see if it had got any thinner, or if I was loosing any more than usual. I began to feel extremely self conscious about my looks because not only was my hair getting thinner by the week but my scalp was red and inflamed.”

“I was desperate to find something that worked. When I saw an advert for eczema sufferers to join a trial for a new shampoo aimed at helping to treat scalp eczema I jumped at the chance to try something new. When I contacted the company and was told the shampoo and conditioner were completely natural I was delighted, finally I thought something that won’t irritate my scalp further.

“When the products arrived I couldn’t wait to get started. I found the shampoo instantly soothing and after a couple of weeks I had seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of my scalp and after three weeks it was completely eczema free!”

“I was amazed at how effective the shampoo and conditioner had been in such a short time. Usually new products take a while to work but the new shampoo cleared it up almost straight away! My hair has also started to re-grown again and is starting to feel a little thicker, although it will take several months to get back to what it was. But at least it is no longer falling out and I don’t have to keep scratching my scalp which I am sure was making the hair loss worse.”

“I much more confident about myself now and I recently went to the hair dressers for the first time in many months ( I became too embarrassed to go due to the state of my scalp) and really pampered myself with a new cut and colour which I hadn’t felt comfortable enough to do in years.”

“I have also started wearing my gorgeous brown jacket again. I’ve had to stop wearing a lot of my favourite clothes because my scalp was so bad it would shed flakes of skin all over my shoulders and I’d look awfull! It’s hard enough to find something to wear when you’re going out, but it’s even more difficult when you’re restricted to light colours only that won’t show the flakes. It’s so mortifying to see people looking at you strangely. I’m sure people assume its just dandruff and that I never wash my hair or something. They just don’t realise that over the years I have literally tried everything to get rid of this problem.”

“Using Dry Scalp Shampoo has made me feel so much better in myself, I no longer worry about new shampoos irritating my scalp as I have found one that works and I’m sticking with it!”

“I am so pleased with the results the Dry Scalp Shampoo has had on my scalp, I will definitely continue to use it and would recommend without hesitation it to anyone with a scalp problem.”


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