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Hay fever and allergies predicted at a 50 year high due to late Spring


Specialists are warning that plant allergeis and skin allergies will be at an all time high as pollen counts are going to be at their highest levels for 50 years due to the exceptionally late Spring this year.

The sudden pollen surge is predicted for June and doctors say it will be the worst June since 1962 for theUK’s 16 million hay fever and allergy sufferers. The worst hit area in the UK will be Scotland.

The cold March has delayed the normal pollen burst production, meaning that May and June will see much higher pollen counts than normal, with tree pollen from earlier pollen bursts combining with flower and grass pollen in what is set to be a massive mixed pollen burst in late May and early June.

How best to protect yourself against hay fever and skin allergy attacks and lower your reliance on anti-histamine medications

–          Wear wrap-around sunglasses when outside to reduce pollen dust getting into the eyes

–          Change clothes and shower after being outside

–          Wash hands after every outdoor excursion.

–          Try to keep windows in house closed during windy days to avoid pollen entering the house

–          Avoid walking or lying in long grass or in areas of dense vegetation

–          Put Vasaline up nostrils to try and prevent pollen dust entering the nasal passages

–          Do regular facial steams with eucalyptus infused water to try and keep airways clear

–          Use a salt water nasal spray regularly to keep nasal passages clear and cleansed

–          Avoid wearing contact lenses when pollen count is very high

–          Use an anti-inflammatory and anti-itch eye product around the eyes to reduce swelling and itchiness of eyes and prevent eye rubbing and redness.

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