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Holiday hitchhikers out for your blood


Holidaymakers are responsible for bringing home unwelcome souvenirs from far flung destinations that can cause havoc with your health.

BY Amy Anderson 9 July, 2007

Bed bugs are on the rise and pest control experts say they are being bought in to the country by holidaymakers returning from war exotic locations. Complaints about bed bug infestations from the pest control agency Rentokil have risen by 52% in the last year.

Though not dangerous the bugs’ bites can cause skin irritation and itching and often appear as large red blotches much like a mosquito bite. Some people with very sensitive skin or who are prone to asthma, eczema or hay fever can have an allergic reaction to bed bugs bites and may need to be treated with anti-histamine medications. But in most normal cases treatment with soothing, anti-itching remedies is sufficient along with immediate decontamination of the bed/house by a pest control agency.


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