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How to handle problem skin on holiday



While your body and mind may love everything that a holiday brings, skin prone to acne or rosacea as well as eczema-prone skin may not react as well.

The sudden changes in temperature, diet and routine that usually come with any holiday, can be a nightmare for problem skin.

But with careful handling and attention to a diligent skincare routine, even problem skin can be kept under control while on holiday.

Here’s how to handle your problem skin while on holiday;

Select the right sun cream

Sunburn in the number one nightmare for any kind of problem skin be it rosacea, eczema or acne.

So, wear a sun cream at all times when out in the sun.

However, these can cause a whole host of issues for problem skin, so its crucial to get the right sun cream for your skin.

Most sun creams rely on a chemical filter for their SPF factor. The problem is that chemical filters have a higher chance of cause reactions to sensitive skin, even ones that say they are for sensitive skin. This is due to the chemicals in the filter becoming less ‘stable’ when exposed to sun.

By far the best SPF’s for sensitive skin are physical mineral sun blocks. These are actual physical barriers rather than filters and remain stable when exposed to sun, making skin reactions far less likely.

The two most common mineral SPF’s are zinc oxide or titanium oxide. The benefit of zinc oxide over titanium oxide is that zinc is a natural anti inflammatory so it can help calm down redness and spots as the same time as protecting against the sun.

The main downside of zinc oxide is that it can look a little white on the skin. However modern technology has allowed the zinc particles to be crushed into much small particles meaning that the whiteness is greatly reduced. Add a tint to any zinc oxide SPF and the whiteness is no longer a problem.

Kalme Day Defence SPF25 contains pure micronized zinc oxide plus a whole basket of ingredients in it to help control the symptoms of rosacea.

Although you may not think that SPF25 is that high, when it’s a physical barrier mineral block as opposed to a chemical filter it actually ends up comparable to a much higher factor.

​The Kalme Day Defence is designed for use on very sensitive skin and skin prone to rosacea and the mineral block means that you should not react to it.

Kalme Day Defence can also be used on acne prone skin as once again it should not cause any reactions, and the zinc oxide can actually help reduce inflammation and spots. It’s also non-greasy.

It can also be used on skin prone to eczema, but with the use of Kalme Undercoat underneath first in order to retain moisture.

If the slight whiteness from the Kalme Day Defence SPF is a problem or if you want a more flawless complexion with your sun cream on, layer Kalme Chameleon Concealer SPF20 over the top. This also has a pure mineral SPF, plus anti-redness ingredients and a prebiotic that can help repair damaged skin. It has advanced tone-matching technology which means that as you apply it, the colour which starts off green, quickly changes to exactly match your skin tone. It’s ideal for blotchy uneven skin tones, skin prone to redness and rosacea as well as acne prone skin.

Careful about how you cleanse

Cleansing is important anyway for problem skin but on holidays they are crucial to remove sweat and sun cream.

Do not be tempted to use cleansers or washes provided free by hotels. These are typically cheap and full of chemicals and if your skin is sensitive it’s very likely to react.

You also want to avoid cleansers that are too drying as skin will already be more sensitive and dry if you have rosacea or eczema due to the hotter weather.

Cleansing with water should also be avoided as the sudden temperature change form hot skin to cold water can trigger rosacea flares ups. In addition, the chlorine in most foreign water can be aggravating and drying to sensitive or dry skins.

Kalme Cream Cleanser is a water-free cleanser that contains no perfumes or chemicals and has moisturising ingredient that remain on the skin. It removes all make up, sun cream and accumulated dirt and sweat and has ingredients that help calm down flushed or inflamed skin.

Try and avoid all make up removers (they contain harsh detergents that can trigger rosacea and acne flare ups) and use the Kalme Cream Cleanser instead.

Expect to exfoliate

For very sensitive skin prone to rosacea or eczema, you have to be careful with exfoliation. However, it can be important while on holiday to do exfoliation at least every 2-3 days to remove the extra sweat and sun cream from the pores.

For acne prone skin exfoliation while on holiday should ideally be done once a day.

For all problem skin, while on holiday exfoliation should preferably in the evening before cleansing to remove all the sweat and sun cream from the skin.

Clarol Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash is a gentle exfoliating wash containing micro silver to replenish good bacteria on your skin and reduce bad bacteria as birch extract to gently dissolve dirt and sweat from the skin’s surface.

Its suitable for sensitive skins and contains no perfumes or detergents.

Replenish your good skin flora

Holiday skin can be exposed to all sorts of foreign bacteria, as well as have its own good skin bacteria reduced from chlorine from pools, additional cleansing and sun creams.

So maintaining or increasing good skin bacteria on holiday can help keep flare ups and breaks outs at bay. It can also help prevent eczema flare ups if bacteria gets into broken or cracked skin.

​Applying Clarol Silver Serum immediately after cleansing and/or exfoliating and under any sun creams or cosmetics will ensure that your good skin bacteria is maintained while keep bad skin bacteria to a minimum. It contains a silver ingredient that helps replenish good skin bacteria while reducing bad skin bacteria.

​Keep sebum pure

Excess sebum is a problem for holiday skin due to sweating, grease form sun creams and usually changes in diet.

But sebum helps keep skin moisturiser and protected so you don’t want to dry it up, you just want to keep it clean and pure.

Clarol Sebopure helps do exactly that. It contains a unique ingredient that acts like a ‘jam preservative’ for sebum keeping it pure and free from contamination from bacteria and dirt.

Keeping sebum pure and clean helps prevent breaks outs and inflammation from dirt or blocked sebum.

Apply Sebopure over night after cleansing and on top of Clarol Silver Serum.


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

You just need to drink more water while on holiday, its as simple as that. Increased water intake in hotter weather helps all problem skin issues.

A litre a day drunk over the course of a the day is a rough guide to how much you need as a minimum.

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