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I have not slept properly for over two years because of my daughter’s eczema – until I discovered a miracle.


Karen Henry, from Birmingham, is mother to four-year old eczema sufferer Lauren Henry.

Karen says;

“Lauren has always suffered with terrible eczema since she was a baby. However in recent months her eczema had become so bad she had to be bandaged from the neck down every night. Her open sores and bleeding are so bad that if I didn’t ’t bandage her at night she’d rip her skin open through scratching. I was terrified her skin would get infected, which can be really dangerous.

Because of he skin, it has been hard to keep Lauren going regularly to nursery as most mornings she is exhausted through lack of sleep and she is on constant pain which makes her grumpy and hard to deal with. Also most mornings I am so exhausted through lack of sleep I can hardly function. I have not slept properly through the night for over two years as every night I am woke but Lauren’s crying because of the agony of her skin.

We are frequent visitors to the doctors surgery where we are prescribed several intensive moisturisers, steroid creams etc.

Nothing we have been given seems to work and to be honest I was nearing my wits end until a friend of mine told me about Cardiospermum Gel. She had read about a study on it for eczema.

To be honest I have tried so many things on Lauren’s skin that I wasn’t particularly hopeful about the gel. However as always I will try anything once just in case it works.

The gel arrived two weeks ago. I don’t know why but I photographed my daughter’s arms as I wanted to have a reference to see if there was any sign of improvement with this new treatment. We had tried so many things it was hard to keep a perspective on whether there were any small signs of improvement or not.

[quote]I used two applications of the Cardiospermum gel on my daughter’s arms on the Friday, three on the Saturday and three on the Sunday. If I had not seen the difference in three days with my very own eyes I would never have believed it.[/quote]

Before the weekend she was covered in bleeding red open sores and her skin was itching like crazy. By the Monday most of the redness had gone, the sores had closed and her skin was not itching anywhere near as much. It was like a miracle had happened. Within one week Lauren’s skin on her arms had virtually cleared, it was incredible. Last week for the first time in two years I had three nights of undisturbed sleep because Lauren slept through the whole night without pain.

[quote]Last week I went to see our GP who has been treating Lauren’s eczema for two years now and he could not believe what he saw. He said he had never seen such a dramatic improvement in such a severer case of eczema in his career. He said it was like looking at the skin of a different child.[/quote]

I am so unbelievably grateful to have found this product, it has saved my daughter’s skin and frankly my sanity. We have only been using the gel for two weeks and it has changed out lives. If anyone has a chid with eczema I cannot recommend enough that you try this product, it is truly miraculous.”

For more information on Cardiospermu Gel click here


  • ann marie sparks

    in the article above karen heny does not state the name of the cardiospermum product she used on her daughter lauren eczema do you know?

    • Bethany

      It’s most likely to be from http://www.skinshop.co.uk as this is the original place I found it a few yrs ago. It’s very good and the only thing that cleared my stubborn eczema up after trying everything, prescribed included. Just about to order some more actually as got a flare up all over body that is spreading 🙁


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