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Kalme Undercoat is a new armour for sensitive skin


 Kalme Undercoat  could be a one-stop solution to the complex and growing problem of over-sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a huge problem as it causes everything from irritating rashes to spots.

Sensitive skin can be caused by skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis but can also exist on it’s own as a skin condition. Sensitive skin can react easily to irritants including skin care products, sun creams, sun, cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning products, jewellery, shampoos, some medications and some foods.

There are many skin care products claiming to be suitable for sensitive skin but selecting and choosing which is best tolerated by your skin can be a painstaking minefield.

What is our Kalme Undercoat?

Kalme Undercoat’s sole function is to provide a one-stop  ‘armour’ for sensitive skin, increasing the skin’s tolerance to skin irritants.

Kalme Undercoat contains the tetrapeptide Skinasensyl, which has been dermatologically tested to reduce the nerve response to external irritants by decreasing the release of pro-inflammatory neuromediators in the skin. By doing this the skin’s tolerance is increased and sensations of pain and discomfort are reduced.

What’s the evidence that Kalme Undercoat works?

In trials, the de-sensitising effect of Skinasensyl was evaluated by measuring the Cutaneous Thermal Sensitivity (CTS), using a thermal probe applied on the skin.

The conclusion of a randomized blind clinical trial on 20 people whose skin was irritated using capsaicin, was that a cream containing 2% Skinasensyl significantly reduced skin sensitivity and irritation. After a period of 30 minutes the skin was found to be less reactive and sensations of pain, itching and discomfort were reduced.

What’s Kalme Undercoat like to use?

Our Skin Shop sensitive skin customer and tester applied Kalme Undercoat 15 minutes before any other products. The cream was immediately soothing and calming and was very pleasant to use due to its light and smooth consistency.

How quickly does Kalme Undercoat work?

After one week of use of Kalme Undercoat our tester’s skin was 40% less red and they were able to apply a cosmetic foundation cream that had previously caused a skin reaction. After two weeks of use they were able to use almost all cosmetics and also apply SPF50 suncream without any negative skin reactions.



Kalme Undercoat costs £14.95 (75ml): Click here for more details




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