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Make up allergies rise as average woman now wears make up for 13 hours a day!


No wonder make up allergies are on the rise as a new study finds that the average woman wears a full face of make up for 13 hours out of 24, meaning women spend over half their lives wearing full make up.

make upThe new study, by wellbeing brand Beurer, polled 2000 women in a detailed study about women’s make-up habits and beauty routines.

[quote]The poll found that the typical woman puts on her ‘face’ at precisely 8.00am and does not remove it until almost 9pm, with a quarter of those polled confessing to not removing make up until 10.30pm or later in case guests arrived unexpectedly.[/quote]

Nearly one in five women said they would refuse to open the front door if they didn’t have a face full of make-up.

38 per cent of women are so reluctant to take it off they admitted to frequently going to bed with all their make-up intact.

Half of the 2000 women studied said they dreaded anyone seeing them without make-up.

Skin Shop make a desensitizing base cream called KALME Undercoat designed to be worn under make up which can help reduce make up and contact allergies by up to 70%.



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