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Men suffer more severe and frequent psoriasis attacks than women


New research from Sweden has found that men suffer more severe levels and more frequent attacks of psoriasis than women, even though the percentage of men and women who have the skin condition is about the equal.

men psoriasisThe new research, carried out at both thee Dermatology & STI clinic of Norrland’s University Hospital and at Umeå University in Sweden and published on-line in the medical journal PLOS One, found that men get psoriasis flare ups more frequently and more severely than women

[quote]The study found that men had a significantly higher PASI score at the first contact with a dermatologist. When treatment was prescribed, the average PASI score was 12.3 in men compared with 9.8 in women.[/quote]

Age, disease severity and joint involvement were factors that played a significant role in the decision to administer treatment for more severe cases of psoriasis, while sex itself did not appear to have any significance.

The study also found that men tended to have more severe psoriasis in the early stages of the skin condition than women, meaning they required more dramatic treatment faster.



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