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Metal allergies could cause joint & bone replacement pain


Testing patients for metal allergies before they receive joint  replacement or bone pinning could help reduce pain and discomfort of joint replacements or bone pins, a new study shows.

The researchers, whose study was published in the February edition of the journal Archives of Dermatology, noted that nickel is a common component in alloys (a mixture of two or more metals) and is also a leading cause of contact dermatitis associated with metals.

[quote]The study found that in a group of testers with joint or bone replacements that were causing them chronic pain, approximately 40% tested positive for an allergic skin reaction in a skin patch test to one or more types of metal present in their joint replacements.[/quote]

The scientists concluded that there was a need for surgeons and dermatologists to work together to establish guidelines to help identify patients who might benefit from skin allergy testing before having joint replacements.


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