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Middle-aged men seek surgery


Cosmetic surgery is usually firmly in the female domain, but recent research has revealed that middle-aged men are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to combat spreading waistlines and sagging jowls.

BY News Editor 17 July, 2007

The term ‘menopaunch’ has been coined because so many men are using cosmetic surgery to get rid of unsightly middle age bulges instead of more traditional ways of trying to bump up their flagging middle-age egos, such as buying a sports car.

The two most common cosmetic procedures requested by men, according to a recent survey by the Harley Medical Group, are liposuction and eye bag removal, with requests for male cosmetic surgery rising 140% in the last five years. One quarter of the medical groups liposuction customers are now male.

Eye bag removal and facial skin tightening has been the cosmetic procedure of choice for a number of celebrity men , including Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, night club owner Peter Stringfellow and singer Julio Inglesias.


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