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Acne has spoilt my Christmas for years until I got Silver Serum in my Stocking


For Sophie Mathew, a 27-year old gym instructor from Petersfield, even the thought of a new perfume or a lovely face cream for Christmas brings her out in spots!

Research shows that over 90% of women will receive a beauty related gift at Christmas time. Perfumes, soaps, creams and cosmetics are typical gifts most women find under the Christmas tree.

But for people with acne-prone skin like Sophie, Christmas beauty gifts bring very little festive cheer!

Sophie says:

All I was for Christmas is beauty products and make up. I leaf through the glossy magazines and read with envy the wish lists for Christmas presents because I know that most of them I can never have for Christmas. And its not because I can’t afford them, it’s because pretty much all beauty products and make up give me acne.

Every time I try and put a lovely expensive face cream on my skin, or a new type of make up, or even use a nice cleanser, my whole face breaks out in spots.

It’s so unfair. I’m constantly hankering after the latest anti ageing luxury cream or a new time of foundation that promises flawless skin, but I can’t wear any of them.

I get spots but most anti-acne treatments make my spots worse and foundations to cover them up make my spots worse as my skin can’t breath. I have to spend most of my time heading out into the world bare faced.

I dread every Christmas because my stocking is never filled with the things I love. I get very non-girlie things like socks and CD’s because no one in my family can buy me anything that people normally buy women my age.

I sit there every year with my mother and my sister opening lovely new perfumes and make up palettes while I have to make do with a book. In every family Christmas picture I am always the one hiding behind everyone because of my spots.

I am in a  job wher I deal with public every day and at quite close contact too so  I am very conscious of my skin at the gym and when I give classes. It’s annoying as my body is in great shape because I work out all the time, but the whole effect is ruined by my skin. I can see clients looking at my spots instead of my abs!

[quote]I found out about the new Silver Serum from a friend who buys her cold sore treatment from the company who makes it. She said they had just launched a new anti-acne treatment that didn’t contain chemicals and was suitable for sensitive skin, which is something I have not heard of before.[/quote]

I had a look and ordered some immediately as it seemed as if the product was invented literally for my skin. It was for acne prone skin that was also sensitive. It claimed to get rid of spots while not drying out healthy skin.

The minute I tried Silver Serum I knew it would work for me. Usually I always get stinging when I put on any sort of cream on my spots, but  the second I put Silver Serum on my skin felt calmer.

I tentatively put on more and then left it on for a few hours, waiting for my skin to react like it usually did. I used it for two weeks and my spots gradually began to clear. Even the small bumpy ones under the skin started to go away. It was miraculous.

[quote]My mum, who is always my most honest confidente, told me how good my skin was looking and friends started asking what I had done to clear up my skin.[/quote]

Since that day I have not looked back. I still can’t use all beauty products and some very  perfumed creams set my skin off, but I can now wear about 70% of all products and I can wear make up again for the first time in years without getting a crop of spots afterwards. .When I go out now I feel incredible because I’m so used to having to wear minimal make up. It has changed my life, my spots no longer rule my life.

I am so looking forward to this Christmas and being able to ask for beauty product for the first time in my adult life, but, more importantly, being able to get dressed up for parties like everyone else without either my face erupting in spots or having to go out looking drab and bare faced like I have had to most other years. I’m completely delighted and if there isn’t a tube of Silver Serum in my Christmas stocking this year I’m going to be very unhappy.”

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