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My acne ruined every Christmas party until I tried Silver Serum


Christmas is a bad time for acne sufferers as the late nights, increase in alcohol, a change in diet and stress of family reunions often cause acne breaks outs. Here one young woman decribes how acne ruled her life and ruined every Christmas until Silver Serum came to the rescue.

Maddy Car, 21, a student fromSouthamptonUniversityis an acne sufferer.

Maddy says;

“I got acne like most other girls in my school when I was about 15. But unlike everyone else in my school my spots didn’t really go. I have got two sisters and their spots only lasted a few years. Mine, however, stayed.

[quote]I am now 23 and at university and I’m still battling regular acne outbreaks. Sometimes they are so bad that I don’t really feel like going out. I don’t feel comfortable ever without wearing make up to cover up my acne. However is a vicious circle as always wearing make up makes my acne worse.[/quote]

My skin is very sensitive and I often react to cosmetics, which makes Christmas an really stressful time for me. Not only do I have to limit what make up I can wear to parties, many of the gifts I receive fro Christmas like nice beauty creams or make up, brings me out in acne flare ups. I just want to be like any other young woman my age and be able to use all the lovely beauty products and make up I read about in magazines but I can’t as my skin is such a problem.

I have tried all the usual anti-acne treatments such as Clearasil etc, but none of them work. Most of them make my acne come back even worse the next time and they also leave my skin very dry and flaky. If I read about a new acne cream or treatment I will almost always try it.

I have gone through years of agonising skin routines, from cleaning and exfoliating with various products to try and clear up my acne. But the more products I use the worse it seems to get. Anything with perfume in seems to make my acne worse. Several foundations also trigger it.

If I go to a party  or have a few late nights, that also gives me an acne outbreak. My skin makes student life hard work. And at Christmas time I just want to let go and enjoy myself as exams are over for a while and there are lots of parties and friends to catch up with from home, but my skin always lets me down. When you come back from University to see old friends and socialise you want to look your best. I often feel that people are looking at me and thinking ‘oh she doesn’t look so good anymore.1

I feel it’s very unfair as I really try and take care of my skin and I eat healthily and no one else in my family has acne. I just can’t understand why I have it. It does undermine my confidence sometimes. I’d like to be able to live my life without worrying about my skin every single day, which I do.

I heard about Skin Shop’s new Siler Serum for acne through my mum as she works in health journalism. She asked for a sample for me to try as she always does when something new for acne comes up.

[quote]However unlike other treatments, Silver Serum  didn’t smell of anything and as soon as I put it on I noticed a calming effect on my skin. It seemed very mild and I had to apply it to my whole face. It claimed to kill the bacteria that makes acne worse, but protect the good skin bacteria that keeps skin healthy. This appealed to me as I was fed up with treatments that dried out my skin around my spots and also stung when I put them on.[/quote]

I put the Silver Serum on twice a day after cleansing as instructed. At first I noticed a small improvement but not much. A few small bumpy spots broke out along my chin and I thought oh well that’s another useless acne treatment then.

But I kept on as the cream was so nice to use and the red of my skin felt more balanced and soften than it had in years.

I am so glad I did carry on as after a week all of a sudden my skin seemed to clear. The small bumpy spots I always have under the surface disappeared and also the large red pussy ones shrunk and dried out. My skin also felt soften smoother and brighter. I was completely delighted.

[quote]My mum noticed the difference immediately and friends started saying how much better my skin looked. After two weeks I actually went to college one day without make up on which is a miracle for me. I felt nervous without my make up but people actually commented on how good my skin looked.[/quote]

I am very happy with the results of the Silver Serum and I now use it twice daily. I have had the odd spot over the last few months but they don’t really get big and they go away after a few days. I’d say my skin is now 80% better than it has been on several years. I feel at last I have gained control over my acne and I don’t have to think about my skin every day now as it’s just not such a big issue in my life.

I am looking forward this Christmas to being able to wear whatever make up I like out and not turning up to Christmas parties worrying that people will think I look bad because of my skin. I am hoping to be able to just enjoy the Christmas season like everyone else and I am going to ask all my family for lovely cosmetics and beauty creams as gifts this year as I feel confident that at last my skin is finally normal.”

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